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Who won the @jaybirdsport #jaybordvista competition?Watch the video to find out.... [This video is a sponsored post, part of a promotional campaign


2 weeks ago?? Never realized how weak my lockout was until watching this 😂 Missed 235 right before this lol still happy I put on 15lbs on my BP in

O que você faz conta!Faça aquilo que irá somar na sua qualidade de vida. ACESSE:⠀⠀ #vempracorpoemente

The face you make after you did the first muscle-up in your own box 😍 Eventuell musste ich auch ein Freudentränchen verdrücken 🖤 #happyaf


🎉Hoy es nuestro 2 aniversario🎉El camino no es fácil pero siempre estamos poniendo nuestro mejor esfuerzo.Vamos a realizar una dinámica má

How confident are you when it comes to training the feet? . . ✅ In the online Foot Programming Specialist Certification you will get amazing

Varje tisdag svarar jag på en fråga . Gällande träning, tränings tips , övnings tips , hur jag ser på saker etc . #träning #personligtränare

My 2019 team.Great memories for the greater part. They made it happen all the way. We meet for a reason and when it is time to.part, it's also for a


Man i ❤️ lifting. It’s something that changed my life 16 years ago. Always was natural. It always made me feel better and always took me away

Wist u dat? Personal trainer Harry Seriese tevens Mastertrainer is van Life Fitness en clinics geeft aan trainers. Wist u dat de groundbase toestellen

Push day!! 👊°°1 > 1+1 - (82.5kg) 2 > 3+3 - (70kg)3 > 3+8 - (72.5kg)°° @cpugh7°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

Julhatten på - avslutningveckan har börjat! Först ut i ordningen RACE och Masters på tisdagkvällar. Glada miner även om hälften var borta.

Agosto 2011: Asd Shaolin Temple Italy ( @centroculturaleshaolin) con Shifu ShiHengDing ( @shaolinraw - @grawidanza) in collaborazione con Shaolin Quan

Throwback when I met the legend himself, @_jamesenglish 🗿(Both wearing that Gymshark Onyx 2.0).

⛈DESPUES DE UNA BUENA TORMENTA SIEMPRE LLEGA LA CALMA..📷 @luis.lopezz.21 👏___________________________________ #wondercompany


Happiness for us is running with an awesome group with air you can breathe 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️. Here’s to outdoor activities and getting

Freerun session from today🙌🏼🤸🏻‍♂️💪🏼 🎶MUSIC🎵BAD NEWS - Aries_________________________________ #freerun #freerunning

Agosto 2011: Asd Shaolin Temple Italy ( @centroculturaleshaolin) con Shifu ShiHengDing ( @shaolinraw - @grawidanza) in collaborazione con Shaolin Quan

Wasn't ready for this one 🤣 the dregs of a cold and about 800 calories all day made Bud a dull boy tonight 😅. But fuck it I went and it's all in


Swipe ➡️ Early 19 - Dec 19 This is a post I went over in my head about 10 times wondering whether or not I could bare to show my unclothed legs

Heutiges Training / training today in Controlling three points and letting go for a moment, gifting uke with an

2020 is around the corner! Today is the day to get started. Last year you said in the new year and the whole year passed by! Take advantage of Holiday


colazione/spuntino al volo di ritorno dal controllo @dott.ssa_giusyascione . Yogurt Activia con frutta secca mista...anche oggi sgarro domani🤪

What a way to finish our 2019 with our last editorial sneak peek class! Congratulations to all our students who attended all our classes and thank you

Crushed Legs & Booty Yesterday Evening🏋️‍♀️ On the hunt for a new gym to call home. Anyone have suggestions feel free to comment below😊

🇫🇷 #meteoranoel19 Bonne raison n° 11: Parce que t'as manqué ta vocation, si seulement t'avais connu Footbar avant... 🏆💭Shop ton meteor

#Throwback to 1 year ago with Mike and Deb! They are still members at the studio and going strong!

Ok, Deadlifts and Back Extensions...not my smartest decision...! 🙄💥Anyway! After a long day at work it was a relief to grind through

Biggest weakness is the bench 🥺 I wont give up on it though. I'm determined to make it better.-Arch is looking okay 🤷‍♀️ I suppose lol.


🍃 Avui, faldilla al viento y a vivir el momento !! 😂💃🏼, de casa al Puig de l'Àliga, Cim n° 70, sola i pel costat dret, m'encanta sentir

Not posted in a while -but I’m okay!! Just been living life , too busy to be on social media and it’s been bliss. Feeling a lot better about

Hiiiiiii 🌅 Just do what makes you happy hun 🌸