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What a lovely way to end a stay! Tio and Brock have enjoyed quite a few bouts of appropriate play after learning each other's play styles and cues


Spring is here 🌱

The past couple weeks have not been my best🍕 🍩 🍟 but I’m going to get back now😅

Stick with the plan. It starts with a single decision. 🏆 #ssmathletics

GYM LIFE... W client back at it full body and Core workout today.. This guy pushes it to the max!! Great progress!!👍🏾👍🏾 at Build Better


It's Monday. Time to #shakethedust for a new week. Remembering a great weekend Although white glove for MTBing is a no no, the dust and mud will not

✔O que VOCÊ está esperando pra cuidar da sua saúde👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️? O seu bem mais precioso💎!!! Venham agora e mude a história da

Da série: será? A dúvida é uma doença. Afeta a mente, gera desconfiança dos motivos alheios e do conhecimento alheio. Ela tem a habilidade de p

Kinesiotaping o vendaje neuromuscularAplicar tiras de colores sobre la piel para aliviar los dolores musculares o mejorar una lesión es una prá


Legs!!!!!!!I genuinely thought I was going to throw up during this whole workout but I pushed thru and was fine after😂 i think its because of how


Khlomg Toei Slam(クロントゥーイスラム)タイ、バンコクの中で最大の規模を誇るスラム街。10

Stop this trainI want to get off and go home againI can't take the speed it's moving inI know I can'tBut, honestly, won't someone stop this train

💪lets LOSE 8 POUNDS in 2 WEEKS ??💪👆👆Link ON BIO👆👆. @fatloss.transformations have some of the best transformations. Check them out

Our athletes getting stronger everyday. 💪🏼

My whole life I was obsessed with being smaller. I tried everything to be thin, to be less, to take up less space. In 2014, in the picture on the far

We got chest tris and bis today and of course cardio 💪🏾💪🏾

Herkesin herşeye söyleyecek bir sözü var anladım, herkesin sırtını dönüp kapısını çarpıp çekilebileceği bir köşesi var onu da


✨Gain a better understanding of the Quran by reading it translated into english from this website: - Came across this


⭐️You do not do evil to those who do evil to you, but you deal with them with forgiveness & kindness. - Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).⭐️ #health

⭐️”He released the two seas; meeting side by side. Between them is a barrier; neither of them can transgress. Then which is it, of the favours

⭐️Never wish them pain. That’s not who you are. If they caused you pain, they must have pain inside. Wish them healing.⭐️ #health #fitness


⭐️If someone hurts you then don’t be upset as it’s the law of nature that the trees with the sweetest fruits are beaten the most.⭐️

Skiing in London in 25 degrees whilst everyone else sits in a pub ⛷🍻——After too much office time and a little time off skis the last couple