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Swipe~~~I just really hate that pic 😂Like wow it's plain and ew and weeell i'll post something new soon btw soooo good night my children🤠U

Collab with @the_real_cupute !!❤❤❤❤Thank you so much for making a collab with me and having so much patience! I love how your part turned out

#Repost @analuizakoehler ( @get_repost)・・・"Nada de florzinha nesse #8M se não quiser pagar o mesmo salário, hein!" - Aquele aquecimento

Here it is the final result! 😊 i'm so happy how turned out! (full image on my Tumblr, Twitter, Fb & Patreon) I'm workin on the speedpaint video rn

ENG ⬇ | 🎬 Más adelante video del proceso ~ .Este es mi dibujo para participar en el concurso de Utilicé principalmente los

I've been reading The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman and The Capture by Kathryn Lasky. These are not exactly happy go lucky books. I just hope my

Ahora si, en la foto se perdían muchos colores ❤ re dibuje un dibujo de hace un año.......... #drawings #drawing🎨 #drawing #dibujos

Details of a painting I did 2 years ago.

A small selection of Chippendale picture frame samples from our showroom. Any size any colour. Worldwide delivery. #pictureframe #pictureframes


Found a cheap little easel in a second hand shop on my travels, so I bought it and took it home. I thought I'd try it out and work on a little

Exposición “Ahora es tiempo de las mujeres”, muchas gracias a la Galería Aguafuerte por el espacio ❤️ / Group exhibition at Aguafuerte

I swear I'll make "Varnish porn" more available on my posts instead of just in my stories. I'll slide in some POV too.Email me at 📨khaos.

"Naturally sweet " I actually wanted to do a strawberry blond on him but it didn't turn out how I wanted it to . However , by naturally sweet , It's

Ty nie zrobiłeś nic złego właściwie.To moja zazdrość mnie niszczy.To też muszę o tobie zapomnieć.~Miriku.A no, ręce mi się popsuły.

Another small painting I made, with watercolour this time. Again, the detail isn't the best but that's because I made this on a tiny piece of paper.

No sé la razón, quizá me intimidaban las obras originales en las que me basé, pero el caso es que no me atrevía a subir este trabajo del año

I know this painting isn't all that detailed and I know the lines are a little chunky, but that's because I pained it on a SMALL piece of paper, so it

«Children of Lir»[ Airímid uainn thú. Tairgimid ár gcuid ama, idir an dá linn ár mbrón a chanadh. Le maireachtáil gan tú, táimid ag

Painting at the Night of Artists today until 5 and tomorrow 10-4! I got some pro-tips from my nephews earlier today so a trip out will be well worth

J’ai enfin eu le temps de faire le #dtiys de @kloe_ladyduck que j’attendais avec impatience ! (J’espère que ma version te plaira 🙏🏻)..

I'm really happy to be finally sharing this piece. It took me a while and it has been a long journey but I've learned a lot! Thanks for sticking