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Time to get cozy with the least inviting vampire lord in Barovia. A very heavy work in progress but I'm excited about this one. I think a lot about

.Textile of more than 100 years ago. .糸そのものから、美しい。50年~100

I have not worn Ao Dai for 3 years. It brings me many memorable moments when I wear it again.Life passes away so fast. #youth #students

******This is ikebana creation. Our good and talented friend, Mr. Kan Asakura, combines different unique and seasonal flowers for guests to enjoy

• D I S P O N I B L E S •Para agendar tu turno o consultas envía un wsp ———->• 261 259 4484 • ———-—>Con los siguientes datos

There’s something comfortable and relaxing about homes decorated with rugs of any shape or size. Whether you prefer monochrome or multi colour rugs

🌹¡Se cumplió!🌹 @juver_gonzalez99 fue el ganador del sorteo y su diseño final fue este!¡Muy feliz de trabajar este tipo de ideas!¡

MIE AYAM Is indonesian traditional kind of ramyun. Mie ayam means chicken noodles. So you can imagine how delish it is by the looks. 😋😇😊

Little sunset moment for Remona! Thanks so much!

Loving my @tattoo.paint.roll dice, such an awesome tool for when you have artist block or just wanna come up with something different! Lots more to

Introducing ~ Luxurious Glass Wedding Lassos ~ High Quality glass. Crafted two elegant 38” rosaries with an exquisite crucifix design in silver or

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bent but not broken on cassie

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Day 4: Failed Science Experiment"Hey...Where did you all go...?" So...I had time today. I was not expecting a fully colored product but yes im trying

Never expected that this kind of transportation still exist. I don’t know what the locals call this ride. I found this parked at Trader’s Market.

Frogs are pretty cool. Id like to do more.

Cross and rosary done recently Used HM direct drive stroke 2.5 //6v @hmtattoomachinesInk tru black @dynamiccolorNeedles @magicmoon_tattoo_supply

Batik lukis adalah batik yang lahir dari kekayaan seni indonesia. Tergolong dalam batik modern dan kekinian yang mengusung seni lukus yang biadanya

No importa que tan grande haya sido el salto, siempre vas a volver a caer. Lo importante es mantener la vista siempre en nuestras metas!!Ph 📸:

#marchofrobots #day1 #smoke An old, cast iron, cauldron-esque robot, sitting and smouldering and awaiting a task.I was on-point with this months

Nilakaraiyeh🙈 #love #greeneyes #makeup #traditional #morning


#tbtFushimi Inari-taisha. Kyoto, Japan

#tbtFushimi Inari-taisha. Kyoto, Japan

#tbtFushimi Inari-taisha. Kyoto, Japan