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#latergram from our Bold Rock Cidery adventures! 🍻 Sofia had a blast coloring with Aunteee and this Momma enjoyed a flight or 2

We never did a first day of spring pic so these will have to work even though I had to bribe Emmerie with money to take these🙈 she’s a smart kid

When you realize it’s still not summer, but you’ll pretend it is anyway! ☀️ I feel you, girl!

Mia & mommy adventures are my favorite 💗 •••Wish the weekend was a lot longer. We had the most fun adventures. Back to work and pre-k for

Our son had the #stomachflu which I luckily got as well 🤢, a cold & now a fever this weekend. What’s a #mom to do? Clean the whole house & wage

I want to raise kids who believe they can accomplish anything... because they watched their mama do it. 🙌🏻💪🏻 This little man is a

This picture makes me soooooo sad. I mean cam she really be my daughter if she doesn't like tamales? #toddlermom #timetomakeanotherdinner

And sometimes we take our traditions outside 🌈 🥯 What a gorgeous day! So thankful for our Sunday fundays of tradition and park-hopping. We truly

Today was just one of those days... the kind of day you just know that it’s going to be a rough one from the minute the kids wake up. ••You

Y los “terribles” 2 vienen cargados de alta diversión, full energía y montones de Nooooooooo 😳🤦🏻‍♀️Inevitable no disfrutar lo

I have never been scared of making a mess and I'm proud to say that I'm raising a beautiful, creative, and wonderful little girl who isn't afraid to

Had to go grocery shopping after my 12 because Adam is sick 😢. So I’m finally eating dinner at 10pm. But I’m proud of myself for making a semi

Hey friends, only ONE WEEK left to get the exclusive March bundle! 🌸This has everything you need to get going on that spring cleaning without all

Four years ago yesterday, you were not the only one born, my son. And since that day you have not been the only one learning and growing. I had no

Our little likes to hide and eat toothpaste....the expression on her face though 😂 #busted

I know I’ve said it before but we love the public library! Saturday was Maker’s Day and we could have spent all day at this FREE event! I love

Mom guilt settles in real heavy sometimes. Grace recently transitioned from her crib to a full size mattress on the floor. Well she’s big into 5

reminding myself to breathe and that “I am mom enough”

I love to dance 😊

This weekend has come to a quick end, and it was spent relaxing and resting❤️ Ready to take on the week ahead and embrace all it has to offer

Y’all...the diffuser alone is $63.75 with the wholesale discount 😳 They also don’t even sell Purification in 15ml anymore, so for those of us

I want to train her up right... Encounter God....Be Transformed....Change the World. Isn’t that how it happens?? I like to Imagine that even just

HOW DO I STOP THIS? Victoria likes to hold my bra straps and she goes nuts when I tell her “no.” She does it at home and when we are out! I’ve

Soccer shots..The lesson was to be nice and show respect. ..Learn boundaries..Show control...Anahi did fantastic, she took it all in and

My team is sailing the Caribbean Sea.... without me! All of these bad ass babes worked their buns off, helping others get healthy, to earn this free 6

What is the story you have been telling yourself? ⁣⁣You are TOO busy, can't afford it, not good enough, depressed, unhappy, waiting untill your

Weekends go way to fast. Especially the ones filled with family and fun. We had such a great weekend spending time with family and friends celebrating

Hey little man, so our strategy the next 7 months is going to be run to the park, go down the slide 50 times giggling like a banshee, reluctantly get

Life is so much better when you can turn up the music🎶, dance without thinking, talk about wierd stuff with weird 🤟people, go on adventures, and

Today I was blessed to be able to spend some overdue time catching up with these ladies 😀 @rayamwhalen was a wonderful host, as usual! And it was

💜Karaoke is always a good time yall! I had such a great night with my hubby for our anniversary we even found a fun new spot for me to karaoke🎤

Ok go make these right now!Sometimes you just need some comfort food 😍🤷‍♀️We used some local ground beef, salami, cheese and roasted

⁣⁣I hope I’m raising my daughters the right way, because my way is the only way I know. ⁣⁣Yes! I tend to be demanding and I expect the

Some warmer weather today meant a trip to the park with our favorite swing!

Maaahhhhh girllllllll ❤️❤️❤️

5 years Ago.First cruise.2nd earned trip.3rd year of coaching.Before babies..It’s crazy that almost 8 years ago I made a decision that I had

Day 1. Can we stay here forever please? 😩Also, my baby turns up 🤣

Over the weekend, we were super thrilled to get our hands on the "Intellikit" from Firstcry @firstcryintellikit. You all probably know that we have

If you told me when we first moved to the area that the small airport in town would’ve converted into a park, I would have told you, “no way

.Living my best life, right here, right now!.Making din for daddy ... and teaching our toddlers meal prep ... thank you big G!

I’m off to bed but wanted to remind you of these very important words! Hope everyone has an amazing start to their week and I have some news coming

Being a mom is hard. Like REALLY hard. But you know what's even harder? Being judged for trying your best. .People are SO QUICK to be judgmental

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you’re ready to try something else, I’

Days like today are what this mama needs to re charge in order to take on a new week filled with early morning drop off, consults with new brides,

Officially my 2 years old!!! So many emotions. 🥰😭 You are everything I prayed for and so much more. You are the sweetest, caring, sharing only

This candle 🕯 smelled so amazing after my long flight back home and cleaning it’s lavender mix for relaxing love it 🥰 #momblogger #candles