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💀⚡🔰A caveira simboliza a morte, sempre presente nas ações das Operações Especiais, caveira representa também a razão e inteligência,

🌬️ 🐧 ❄️ ~ H I T H E R E ! ~ ❄️ 🐧 🌬️ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 🌬️ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ☃️ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 🌬️ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ☃️ ~ WARMEST GREETINGS

Looking at my life is like you watching movies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #nba

Уже 30 марта в @klochkov_gym_otradnoe ул. Высоковольтный пр-д д.1стр.13 в 17:00

OKC Pre All-Star Break:38-20 OKC Post All-Star Break:43-31 To go with it Pre All-Star, Westbrook averaged 20.4 potential assists per game; post-

Darker, precise, and inspired like the first time I met this world, I just crafted this new sketchbook and chose to make tons of new illustrations,

The Timberwolves Are Looking To Sign Interim Head Coach Ryan Saunders For A Full Time Coaching Job

Was @gronk early retirement really a surprise? Find out my thoughts in episode #5 - Either way arguably the best tight end to ever play in the @nfl

*Julinho*, lutador de MMA / Jiu-Jitsu, nascido e criado em Moema, com nutella leite ninho, filé, suplementos e Sucrilhos VS. *Tonhão*, segurança do

Was @gronk early retirement really a surprise? Find out my thoughts in episode #5 - Either way arguably the best tight end to ever play in the @nfl

Nuggets have improved big time since Malone has been coaching.-Should Malone win Coach of the Year? 🤔

guys i made my own audio for once are you proud of melol don’t be,, this is,,, badi’m sorryalso, instagram is being a dick n won’t let me

I took an entire month off of deadlifting to recover and allow the muscles in my back & legs to heal up. Came back and was still able to crush some

Puede que alguien por aquí se haya comprado algún cómic hoy 🤭 y esté algo entusiasmada..(No sólo de Extraño vive el hombre)😜En fin, que "

An unfiltered look at the after effects of a big storm that hit us mid summer time last year...just stumbled on it in my memories. I'll have to look

-After nearly 3 hours of farming and plenty of refills finally super evolved legend Enel! 😈⚡️~ Ibo--Tags #onepiece #treasurecruise

Toronto ile 1 gün arayla oynadığımız 2 maçın George ve Kawhi düellosunda Oklahoma'da Kawhi George'nin üzerinden bu şutu atmıştı Kanada'da

I actually think the previous music video I made was better than this one, but I still wanted to post this. Comment down below if you want me to make

Russ admits all responsible for the team's lost vs Grizzlies. Leadership lvl 100🤠_➡️ Follow us @okcreporter for more @okcthunder Content! Don

An epic portrait shot of Chelsea Lee from @SHAEDband at @babysallright on their 1st headline tour // 02.27.19.................

Like to find out

Dropped another one. Link in Bio Link in bio 🔥 🔥$20 basic license, $200 for exclusives. @beatstars #beatstars 💎💎💎💎💎 #gunna

The last time the Clippers made the playoffs was in 2016 and these guys were on the team!


For every girl that blocks me it boost my energy because I see the type of guys they work with & I can’t help but laugh #PurpleRibbon ☔️

Hawai’i Videos/ Vlogs Soon!

"It isn't light that we need, but fire; it isn't the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake" (Frederick