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The mental checklist of the mind Is a race in which you’re always behind The first fumble of the day And the mind with indignation sways You’

That time when Srinagar was encompassed with thick curfew., every bend of the street was hostile. For some reason, I chose this day to visit Hazratbal

#throwback to Flower & Garden Festival last years!🌷🐿.I can’t wait to take pictures of all the topiaries next week! What’s your favorite

Back at my childhood home and going through old photos - I've clearly been baking (and taste testing!) for quite a few years!°°° #throwback

#throwback - You can read my journey from to get to know me better.Ps: I changed my website url name. _____Fashion:

Issa toosday & you know what dat means........ means dat Friday is a real long times away. But also means it’s #tongueouttuesday 😛•••

I remember being in the trenches trapping day and night.... left pocket full of cash, right pocket full of these food stamps

Wondering how to steal those fresh coffee beans! ☕️ ...Also, do you spot the rainbow 🌈? ...Use #TheSvelteBirds for the feature. ..

The moment that I grab the beauty of shore from bright sun.... That made my day 😉😊😊 #goa #throwback

Seriously missing my blonde hair. I think it's time it made a comeback 🤔