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The Rainbow Gods have blessed me when I created this fun look for this beauty right here! This is ultimately my favorite thing to do! I wish this was


Rouse Band Banquet 2019


Our smart, gorgeous girl! She’s growing up right in front of our eyes, we’re so proud of the young woman she’s becoming. 💜Madyson Leanne

Yessss! And my sass is strong af so get ready! 😂😍🍑 Where are my sassy sisters at?? 💁🏻‍♀️ ...... #fitnessfunny #funnyfitness

Today’s mood: Sass with a large side of Extra 😎 #iaintsorry 🌱🌱As a courtesy, we balanced it out with #endoflex on our adrenals to help

We celebrated her 5th dance recital this past weekend! Somedays she is so darn independent and sassy that I wonder how in the world we are going to

This goofball horse child of mine missed me so much while I was away💙 she was all super cuddly & playful yesterday, & was loving the fact that I


This sweet, silly, and sassy girl makes being a mama so exciting. I have dreamed about her my whole life. I am so thankful that I get the privilege of

Happy mother's day, to bio mom for choosing life and the harder path, to my own Mommy who loves me as fiercely as any natural mother could, to my

Happy Mother’s Day to the smartest, bravest, most courageous woman I know. You are more than I could ever dream of and the best momma to our baby

5.5.19 celebrating cinco de mayo with my frozen margarita and taco salad. But I am not willing to give up May the 4th so I had to dress in one more

Mom life on the weekend be like :..I took both of my #kids grocery shopping and my #daughter insisted on coming to help. I was feeling brave and I

Yoda Obi Wan I know with so much sass and a rebel heart to match. I’m forever Wookiee to be apart of Rey-sing such an adorable Luke-ing BB✨


Flex Friday brought to you by her last field trip of the year! Swipe to see all her “take my picture poses” maybe we should get her a

Do you ever look at a picture you took of your child and think "oh boy, I'm in trouble?"⁣⁣That is exactly what I did when I saw this one! She's

One of us has had 3 shots of Unicorn Powder & feeling like a BAMF BEFORE her workout. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀The other is asking when are we

Talkin bout my girl 🎶

She drew, handed me the pen, and asked me to write down what she told me each creation was. Naturally. She is everything I want to be as I grow back


This girl...she gives me hope for women everywhere. She is funny, fierce, giving, and outgoing. She doesn’t listen and she drives me crazy. Her

WOW...4 Years just like that! This spunky, sweet, smart, beautiful and OH SO #SASSY little one turn the big 4 today!! She was a difficult pregnancy,

SO PROUD of this girl!! She did amazing! I literally thought she was going to run off stage like I would! But she rocked it! #ddadanceacademy #diva


Our sassy cheerleader from a distance today! Lol love my lil girl! Rockin momma’s race skirt too! Family who Star Wars together.... #teamsparkle

#maythefourthbewithyou 🤷🏼‍♀️. Seriously, if taking a family photo is this hard now, I can’t even imagine what kind of shots we are going

My kid is pretty strong in the sass department. But it’s okay, one day she’ll rule the world (or so I like to tell myself!)... #starwars