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10 months already?! This sweet and sassy girl LOVES books, but loves food and mommy and daddy the most. She has mastered the sign for "eat" and will

Sunbathing ♥️

“Eat glitter for breakfast and sparkle all day.”👑💁🏼‍♀️🦄 heaven help me when these girls are actually teenagers

Coco working the old charm so I’ll share my snack. Fool! Doesn’t he know mumma is this fat for a reason! #pomeranian #pom

The sass is strong with this one.This little lady has recently gotten picky about her clothes! Only 2 and there are some things she just won't wear

We’ve got a lover and a fighter. 😇😈 Bear in mind that is one of her two favorite stuffies. Remind me to get a piñata when her birthday rolls

Everytime I look at this picture of Jude I just think he's about to hit a bitch with some hard truths like "Becky, no offense girl, you know I love

a night away in a nice hotel without the kids, sounds amazing right... sleep ins, no feet in your face, relaxing. well that's what i had planned, but

"I've been told I'm very bossy"Baby girl enjoying beef stew from @ellaskitchenusa , and not wanting mommy to help.....

Happy birthday, to my tiny demon sidekick. Life is so messy with you.... but, oh so sweet. My sassiest & most defiant child. You defy all odds. The

How can a child that is so beautiful be such a holy TERROR?? I was upstairs for not even 2 minutes and this is the joy I get to come back to.... Lord

Has it stopped raining yet? No? I’ll stay here then.

Happy Birthday to you, Lizzy! It’s hard to believe you are the same sassy little girl I met on her 7th birthday, almost two decades ago. I love you

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This little lady is sassy and sweet, she’s been testing our patience in so many ways but I’m not sure we could love her more ❤️ she might know

It's "wacky Wednesday" at school. 1. She is NOT buying what I'm selling. Not one bit.2. I am 110% certain this is not the last time I will see

Whilst I’m dying from chest infection, my coco went on his first puppy play date walk. Coco has met other dogs before and he’s tried to start his

Day 8 fave smell . . . my daughter's hair💖 2nd pic are the products she uses...{I Love how her hair smells so yummy💋 & DONT TOUCH her hair }

Happy 13th Birthday to our baby girl, Jessica Lynn 🎂🎉🎈 Sunday we had her bday dinner at Chili's, Monday was birthday shopping, yesterday we

Really?! Mom, stop taking pics, I'm sick! 😂 Any reason to not have her pic taken unless she is ready and posing! 😂 *this is from 1-2 mths ago