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Do sharks complain about Monday? No they're up early. Biting stuff. Chasing stuff. Being scary- reminded people they're a shark 😉 and why because

⭐️EL CHEMA🌎One of the most impressive HQB Pretty Boss son’s, and one of the best producing son’s. Dude is fire paintball throwing machine

jumping into monday like....

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Well, the problem is you can’t tell them apart now a days, So I just keep a few fake

Had a blast at @colorfactoryco ! I drowned many times before getting the perfect picture LOL! 💙 Grab a friend or a group and go visit today! You

Turn up.

i went to new york for a few days so i haven’t been posting much but i will get back into it this week 🗽 here are some pics from the color

*BOSS BUNNY*Here’s an update of our new upcoming stud “Boss Bunny”. Turned 8 months yesterday and looking like he’s 18 months. Full packaged

Green eyes are more attractive in women than men. People with blue eyes can be traced back to one sole ancestor. My fav body parts are eyes for sure

*CARTEL* Amazing boy is standing strong at 18 months. Pretty Boss x Anastasia (HQB Pretty Boy x HQB TKO combo). Lil man has always been impressive!

*Insert caption about blue balls*

*HQB MINI BOSS*Here’s a update of our new little killer “Mini Boss”. Now at 10 months. Little man is amazing, and will be working very soon.

🐰🐰🐰 no te quedes sin tu Huevito de Pascua 🙌🏻🎨🌈 #huevitos #pascua s/35 incluye huevito, pintura y horno🔥 para que quede

*THROWBACK**PB x Pretty Cake (PB)* Remember the 3 bros!? All I'm going to say is 💯 our produced, 💯 PrettyLine, 💯 from our beautiful island,

Our giveaway is officially live! Enter on the Moresocial app before 6pm today to win tickets to @colorfactoryco 🎉🎨🖌🎨

Comment with your best caption and enter to win a FREE shoot with me for an HOUR at a location of your choosing. Oh boy, LETS GO! 📸👤__“

The sweetest moment this week was when I spent it with my frands 💖

Over 30 sponsors said I have a very yellow personality. They are very right.

Not a barber, but I sure love a faded pixie! 🧚🏼‍♀️ Got to Bust thru her Brass, and clean up her fluffy sides! ••• #pixiehaircut

Our lovely sisters from Gamma Xi chapter out in NYCs Color Factory 🗽 - tag 'em👆🏽 if you know them 🤗 #ltatravels ___Courtesy of