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the city that never sleeps.

tell me how's it feel- sittin' up there; feeling so hiiigh but too far away to hold mee 🌃🎧

City of lights 🚨✨🌚

The corporate building of Ernst and Young is located in Time Square. This building cost was a staggering $420,000,000, stand 40 floors. It is also

Tatil bitti, yarin gece yine yollardayiz ✈️ Iki hafta aradan sonra Dubai’mize kavusuyoruz 🇦🇪 Gurbetcilik tuhaf, nereye gitsen digerini

@American Museum of National History - New YorkT.rex: The Ultimate PredatorMarch 2019 - August 2020T. rex: The Ultimate Predator will introduce

She’s back again with another post! I have so many things to show you and I’m so excited so be prepared for a spam like no other! #photography


#tbt to Christmas in The City, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps—New York 😍 I miss its electricity 🌃


“When they say you can’t do it - Do it twice and take pics!” 😉👊😘A throwback Thursday - me in my fave city NYC 💫 Love is lifting me

Lost- the other day, in the midst of sunset.

Even Hershey’s has to take a bite out of the Big Apple once in a while 🍎 cause you can’t live on chocolate alone. Believe me, I’ve tried