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Kids are the biggest blessing n when they are good kids that blessing increases....kesh is too perfect she is always putting us right (her parent n


With this card I am participating in an insta flash mop initiatiated by the amazing @biiirka to show our love and support for the companies and their

Long hallo and Short good byeWas war das denn? Danke für diese Reise! Für diesen Trip. Für das gesamte Team. Es war krass. Gut.Leider geil!

Have a beautiful Sunday guys!Let's take time out to relax,refresh,count our blessings& be renewed in the presence of God. #blessed #thankful

Wow!!! What amazing opening week. ⁣⁣THANK YOU to everyone who visited our new boutique this week and all of you who have sent best wishes and

<3 Most delicious flavors divineAll Fresh fruits and veggies from the gardenAmazing tomatoesJuicy pearApple pie White grapes <3 #nofilter


Aug 24 2019D-dayI've erased one of my bucket lists!.한강에서 노래하기🙈한 여름밤의 잊지못할 추억이었다☺️.. #busking

I constantly go between wanting them to stay my little babies forever, and being excited about all of the amazing things they will do in this life

There's still more to seeCome and set yourself freeLet's look for something newI want to see the world with you

*Anzeige SELFIE 😎Guten Morgen ihr Lieben und ja ich sage bewusst guten Morgen 😴😂der Abend gestern, ist so so schön gewesen und hat mir so

Auf in ein neues Lebensjahr 🎉🎊das mit Sicherheit ein super schönes sein wird. Ich bin so stolz auf mich was ich im letzten Jahr alles

Its so nice & we are so happy na magkakasama kaming muli sa pagsimba at pagkain sa labas ngayong linggo.After ng operation ng wife ko( it took her 5


ほんのり秋を感じさせてくれる風が吹く氣持ちいい空の下で友だち宅のペンキ塗りの手伝い🏡東南アジアから出稼ぎに來たの?って言われながらもいい感じで塗れたぜ😎wしばらくの間は、ペンキがカラダ中に飛んでいて逆ダルメシアンみたいになっているけど、皆さんお氣になさらずに🤣笑I painted my friend's house naked while feeling a pleasant autumn breeze🏡

Daily Timbit: In order to reach that big goal or achieve that dream, we must be willing to change sometimes the smallest of habits or attitudes to

#GratitudeSunday How can I express my gratitude for everything you have done for me? I don't know where to start counting my blessings oh lord!

It’s TODAY!!!! Join Vitanova Foundation at theirs Annual Summer Festival August 25th from 1 to 6pm free admission and parking ,details

One of the BEST things about solar power(besides refrigeration and all night fans) is being able to take a shower in the daytime and not having to go

Raerae & Yass🤴🏽👸🏽Together these 2 are just so Adorable😫🙌🏽😍 The Love & protection they have for each other you dont see much in


What a time 😍 Thanks for this experience 🙏 I met very lovely people and had the honor to discover Spain and its beauty 🥰 #spain #madrid

I think the happiest people are the ones that love their profession. I consider myself lucky to be one of those people. In 2015 I made the decision to

"תפסתי אותך מגרדת בתחת." היא צעקה. מצחקקת לעצמה עם גומות החן שאפשר לכתוב עליהן אנציקלופדיה שלמה, ובאותו זמן מזכירה לי כמה חשוב לזכור את הילדה שבי.אני: "לא גירדתי, ניקיתי."מצחקקת לעצמי גם, תוהה אם היא רואה גם מבעד אליי וחזרה.היא, בעודה מתקרבת אליי כמו שאף אחד ואחת אי פעם העזו: "בסדר, זה יכול להראות גם כמו גירוד בתחת." עדיין מצחקקת.את הרעידות בקול, בידיים, שמגיעות כמו האדוות של הלב, את זה אני זוכרת מפעם.והאמת, הרגשתי שארגיש זאת שוב.הרי, למה כל הלב הזה אם לא בשביל לאהוב. #love #lovemylife #thankful #blessed #greatful #joyful #fulful #humos #womanphotographer #story #heartmade #loveyourlove #writing #madebyearth #world #earth

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Livet som #nybyggere er ikke helt dårligt, specielt ikke når man har verdens bedste byggeleder på projektet 👷🏼‍♂️ Jeg tror altid man m

線條格子線條〰️挖到初期作耶,可以明顯看出自己一點一點在進步的軌跡開心😊💙💙💬帶圖可以先私訊詢問價位喲~- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -📣九🈷️開放預約‼️📣新客優惠:來店拍照打卡並標記,各”設計款式”限折$100✨預約請加Line: @tsx8737s✨當月壽星各”設計款式”折扣$100✨兩人同行,一人各折$50,快邀妳的好姐妹一起來芭~~👭💕 #光療 #光療美甲 #台中 #台中光療 #台中美甲 #手繪 #blue #gray #white #cube #lines #cutie #work #nice #progress #thankful #simple #life #love #pretty #colorfulnails #lovely #girly #nails #nailsart #nailsalon #naildesigns #taichung #welcome #feinails

I have seen many comments and over heard many conversations about how good this chicken sandwich is from Popeyes. I just wonder, if we kept up with

After seeing some horrific videos of animal abuse, I can’t help but to hold my animals a little bit longer and a little bit tighter (whether they