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The verdict is in: it is DUCK EGG BLUE 💙⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀I asked before Christmas what to call the background colour of our Kiki the

a little pineapple love 🍍❤️🍍.tea towel design coming soon... and if you really want one without the work 😉 i’ve got a few for sale


Could not resist some dyed antique French linen today. Could not decide between the brown and the black. Got both. Coming soon to my next kitchen


Feeling Homesick so I made myself some earrings from a teatowel. Im going to make some more and put them on @sasha_made_this If anyone would like a

Didnt get much today at the market, its rainy so there wasnt as many stalls. Im pretty happy with my little jug though for $10. #acapulco

Early meal prep done for the week. Trying to commit to #tiu7dsd to get back on track after a few too many summer festivities 🌮🌮🌮 never too

Love foxes? Still time to win me 😍 (well not me, but my oven glove and tea towel set is up for grabs). All the info in last but one post. Hope you

Two new cute little additions for Spring. 💐I picked up this adorable tea towel in #roundtoptexas and swipe to see the newest item in my @raedunn


Tea in bed, one of life's little luxuries (especially on a sunny morning, which it looks like this is shaping up to be here!) Lining a tray with a tea

What Instagram thinks my kitchen looks like ➡️ what my kitchen actually looks like ❤🐶 Our pups might be a little spoiled and expect human

Loaded rice cakes for a late lunch today with Avo, 🍅 , red onion, bio cheese and pepper 🥑👌👨🏻‍🍳Cold lunch on this hot day ~ T

This weekend I got a little hungry for some farm fresh yums and decided to flex my creative muscle and enter my first @spoonflower contest. Voting

I had a productive day off yesterday after a busy weekend. Cleaned the house, caught up on ALL laundry, shipped some orders, went grocery shopping,


Big Mama's is still on vacation and will start the baking tomorrow. In the meantime ....I need another cabinet for my favorite things🤓

Thought I'd sort the kitchen drawers out and see if I have any nice unused tea towels ready for Christmas... I seem to have forgotten I am a

Comin' atcha


Totally have to thank the very talented @pauldotey for enabling my tea towel addiction with his lovely 2015 calendar towel. Love how fab it looks