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Poor Zucchini 😆 {Source Pinterest; Credit: The Meme Economy}

🌹 Asami got on my nerves in the first half of season 1 but past that I loved her. What's your opinion on her? Art from zhengjing 🌹 #lok #korra

cookies or cupcakes~omg i can’t choose——yo my dog ran away and then he came back like two hours later and he does that like once a week i’m

Aquele dia que dá tudo errado porém dá tudo certo!Deus me livre mas quem me dera todos os dias fossem assim né? #noflow #universalismo

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Credits to @ vitrusworld on Tumblr!Sometimes I need to post about Kataang because damn, I love them more than anything else. Sorry for the long wait

–welcome to my new account for atla!i’ll be mostly posting scene edits here but I will definitely post other edits too sometimes and maybe even

🔽Zuko, no matter how things seemed different, never forget who you are.My name is Zuko, son of Ursa and fire lord Ozai. Prince of Fire nation and

"Dalgalandığın yerde ne korku,ne keder...Gölgende bana da, bana da yer ver !Sabah olmasın, günler doğmasın ne çıkar.Yurda ay yıldızın

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you @matsumoto_art ✨ the ones with Wan, Aang and Korra are definitely my favorites

Maybe it's just me but it is Korra's fault! She should have saved Asami and then talked to the spirit but insteadshe just hugged Asami....I'm not

Another 10 pages! So technicaly Avatar saved Asami instead of doing her duty toward the spirit....well that's just what happened and why Mako doesn't

“Ey şehîd oğlu şehîd, isteme benden makber,Sana âgûşunu açmış duruyor Peygamber...”Tüm şehitlerimize rahmet ve minnetle

they (mean everything to me)turn up your brightness pwease:) [ #sunfiregrp]—ac: @lightbxne shakes: @lexaniz & @a.rachnologyib: the cc is ugly

would you rather be the avatar or a regular bender?~regular bender cause i’d probably collapse under the stress unless i was raised from birth to

“Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel.”————————————————————————Credits

Done with the outline! Going to add colour soon! Once again another fabulous character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. #avatar

Shame on you that you were EXPECTING A READON!!!😂😂😂 Who was about to block me? 🤣🤣🤣Cr : ME 😂Cr (artisit) : kinschi...FOLLOW

Like, I have so much to tell for Linzin. I really wonder why Tenzin preferred Pema, when their relationship was so good. I believe Lin’s love is