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Showing love todayHit the link for your next appointment Justin's barbershop 2729 N. Tryon st. Tue-fri 9-7Sat 8-5

Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door ●●Tired of waiting?! Download Booksy, search "Sam&Jamals" and make an

Taper Gang.

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ill be back in the shop on tuesday so set up your appointments for the week! Meanwhile low drop fade on Young egyptian soccer player @jacobwassef

Don’t sleep on da youngin 🔥🔝

My boy J trusted me for a straight up londo freestyle cut for his first dance tonight! I'm gonna post more pictures later on with him all dressed up

#Repost @nieves_fadehair with @get_repost・・・Tomorrow On Tour 🙌 First Class March 24th _Location:Hilton Chicago/

Step 1: Take a picture or video of your cut by me (Snapchat or Instagram)Step 2: Shout out @CutsbydoonStep3: Screenshot it or send it to me Book

Drop it like it’s Hot 🔥

✂️ Mid Zero x Comb Over 💈........Didn’t make it to church today (again lol) but helping others look good for church

What a great first, full week! Today was our busiest day yet! Thanks Ravenswood for checking us out! Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. We’

Today’s project, he was tiered of having long hair. 💈💯

Progression over perfection ↗️

Spring Is upon us!! 🌞 🏖 😎 Don’t forget to get fresh before going on vacation!!•Check out Kelly if you want a new style!! Have a good

Mid-fade just in time for the weekend! 💈✊🏼••That’s it for the week y’all! Enjoy your weekend! We’re back at it again on Tuesday!

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Y’all see the transformation on my boy 🙏 Follow @jaimeyourbarber for more content 🎬 ⚡Hit my bio to book an appointment⚡

A barber is an artist so I respect my barber skills and style which why I only allow him to cut my hair because his skills is versatile and he take

What a gorgeous morning! 2nd last long run done before my first half marathon at #baybreak😆Getting close now! 😮 @baybreak_festival

Approaching the 2 year mark, come Monday 25th! Thought it might be fitting to let you all know where the brand is/where it is going in the coming

From cutting hair outside from 8am to 10 or 12 pm! Sometimes I would be up until 1:30 am Outside cold asf! My feet would hurt and feel so cold but I

⚡️GLASSBOX EDUCATION ⚡️Understand the balance of connection, disconnection, over direction, and elevation

Hello Everyone! Thank you for following my hair page! I am a licensed barber and cosmetologist in Nebraska. I work in both Lincoln and Omaha. I get to