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Lesbos 2014.Einfach fünf Jahre schon her 😫.Unbedingt wiederholungsbedürftig! .. ... ————————————————

We are focused on constantly being something. Being busy, being kind, being better..⠀What if today, we chose to focus on just being?.⠀You are


SIMPLE PLEASURES // It was lovely to be in the kitchen today and try out a new recipe that required a little prep, a little time and lots of veggies


It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. On that day, I just followed my instinct, my heart and went from working in finance to being

The joy of starting the day outside with my coffee....what a treat. #takeabreath

Thanks you for visiting my workshop.We had so much fun and enjoyed ourselves.THANK YOU!!Happy faces make me happy


Наткнулась на прошлогоднюю красоту с горных вершин Абхазии💚... #nature #naturephotography

“Create your own happiness!” Simple thought right! Yet how many of us struggle with this everyday?I have been struggling for the last month.

This is one of my favorite ways to meditate. Do you know that meditation is just a calming of the mind,and synchronization of the breath. 🌞There

This is one of my favorite ways to meditate. Do you know that meditation is just a calming of the mind,and synchronization of the breath. 🌞There

TRUTH‼️.If you told me four months ago that i would be able to get my ass up to workout everyday for four months straight i would die laughing

Good morning springtime! Another day of trying to garden but really chasing Christopher down to the driveway because he is currently obsessed with


How is your self care? What have you done for you recently? Do you feel guilty when you focus your attention on yourself rather than others? We've

Sunday is always a good idea ............ #sunday #happiness #loveyourself #greece #athens #xalandri #loveyourbody #smiles #good_vibes_only

Got this morning off to a good start by getting “into it” with someone over gene expression who doesn’t “believe” genes can mutate or change


I caught this screen shot on one of my workout videos today. This right here describes my mental health lately.. I’ve felt defeated, broken, worn

One of the best things about living on campus at @bishopburtoncol is that when I’m stressing out about assignments I can go into the gardens and

Sunny Sunday everyone ☀️ Spring is still with us and I love fresh young and green leaves of the trees around me. Here you see an extract of a

#freshface #gratefulsoul ☀️ What happens after an exceptionally active day of doing all the things I love? All the things, Barre, Pilates,


In a world where it can feel like we never stop and never have enough time and never have enough of whatever we think we need or desire...we have to

De quoi sera fait demain ? 👀

"It's OK, I got lost on the way But I'm a super girl And super girls don't cry" 🌸 super girls just fly🌸 #tbt🧚🏼‍♀️

Comme une envie de Bali ❤ Taggue une personne qui doit voir ça !⠀⠀✈ Follow @officieldesvacances pour voyager tous les jours

Day 2 of being kind to myself 👍....I usually do two spin classes on a Sunday. Yes. Two. But today I did one and then went for a walk whilst

Alocasia Zebrina 🦓×A little treasure I wanted for soooo long 😍 I got it from @onlinebabyplants and couldn't wait for it to arrive


Sunday Stretch! A little #bowpose to release your back in the morning. It is quite a deep stretch so I recommend you ease yourself slowly into it.

Sunday night rewind 💭 Reset, refresh, breathe 💫 #sundayreset

Anxietylevels during therapy sessions can get pretty high. When I feel like I start to lose my mind I just walk out and take my bike for a ride to

.Aksi lompat dari tebing batu untuk jatuh dengan baju wingsuit yang dilakukan oleh 2 orang, yang satu direkam dan satunya lagi merekam video.untuk