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La libertad está en la mente dicen unos... otros haciendo lo que te gusta... a fin de cuentas todo lo que le metes a tu cabeza es lo que vives, no

Here is a sneak peak at our next beauty, "Celestina".1981 Toyota landcruiser BJ40. Shipping this week and heading to the USA awaiting to be posted




.feel so easy good things for relaxing Minimal Denim Wallet reused product / assembled in Japan▽▽ @begin_market

Aerial Artwork piece No 77 Islands. Prices for framed artwork starts from $600 for 750x500mm Oak frame. Different size images and finishes available

Thermoforming each Basecamp Tailgate Pad ensures durability against the conditions and protection for your truck. Preorder now for 30% off, link in

😍😍😍Well if this doesn't make your heart melt, I don't know what will (granted I'm super biased ... 😘 @davis2.0 )... #maui #hawaii


Surfs up 🤙🏽

#wingdotsurf @julie_scheyer・・・Maliko to Sugar Cove 5/20: 4m Foilwing & Fanatic 6’3” 100l 2000cm^2 & 80cm fuselage ———

Estamos atendendo normalmente, mas já planejando e preparando mudanças para nossos clientes. Aproveite as ofertas especiais pelo AIRBNB e BOOKING e

💥Schwing! Notice how I grab the the downstream flow with my blade and let the body follow while the tail of the board is submerged and poised in

Closeout City! Bondi still not budging, but Tama and Bronte were working. South swell is going to drop off as we approach the weekend. ......


There is light at the end of tunnels.Every wave tells different story...Credit @nicolechristensensummers- [ ] #surfporn #averagepunter

Thank you @jessica.watersedge . These shots always have me reliving awesome moments. Endurance race at daytona beach @prowatercross . #yamaha #gp1800

Not too bad for winter. Not tracking macros or counting calories. Looks like the surfing has been enough cardio. @fitfoodjourney #fit #fitness

【Beloved Share -STYLE


Not a single drop of water out of place💧•••📷 @seabassz Contact us for reservations, details and bookings (link in the bio)

Does he make it out? 🤔

なんでもない日に隆さんが買ってくれたフードロゴが可愛すぎる @bayflow_inc プルオーバー🏄‍♀️♡

Mi tesoro siempre me acompaña, antes de emprender este viaje, despidiéndome de mi hijo en el mar caribe me regaló esta piedra que encontró en la

・・海沿いのお店でランチして海で遊びソフトクリームを食べ歩きながら帰るなんて有意義な休日🤙・今週金曜は嫁さんが行けない代わりに娘の遠足に同行🏃‍♂️圧倒的にママさんが多いから浮きそうー🙄ちょっとしたアウェイ感を感じるのはパパなら同感してもらえるはず💦頑張ってママ友つくろっ✊・・・ #ootd #rhc #wtw #bayflow #surf #oakley #rayban #zara #california #LA #sufingsafari #mensfasion #menscode #メンズファッション #メンズコーデ #family #娘 #息子 #love #パパファッション #パパ #パパコーデ #papacode #親子リンクコーデ


Mais um registro do swell de outono que fez quebrar com tamanho e perfeição o Farol de Itapuã. 📷 @juniorbodyboard1 #surfbahia

surfEXPLORE Mauritania #Repost @surfersjournal with @get_repost・・・Man's hand bears playful fruit. Photograph by John Callahan ( @surfexplore).


Hello Wednesday 😉

Albany ♡

You can take the fish 🐠 out of the sea, but you can’t take the fish out of this man! Yours truly. #mortgagebroker #veteran

Surf Into Summer is back! The contest is open to amateur surfers of all ages BUT slots are filling up fast so sign up online today!!

It's important to be ownselfYou should not be divine by what you wearYou should not be divine by the materialsNo limitation..only believe in