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Kış ayın da kamp için ideal olan sarıalan çadır ata bileceğiniz bir yer. Gece kış kamp için - 11 dereceleri görmektedir. Tuvalet ulaşım

Wonderful evenings such as these always imprint images in my heartVideo location: near my ancestral village in Telangana ...... .. #hills #lake

애틀랜타로 가기 전, 미니애폴리스에서 하루! 그 전엔 MOA

#nature_seekers #skypainters  #fantastic  #pretty #sunset  #green  #cloud  #natureza  #red  #iphonesia #beautiful  #clouds  #cloudporn  #natureporn

Her nerede kendini yargıladıysan ve bunu kendi gerçeğin yaptıysan hepsini şimdi yıkıp yaratımını iptal eder misin lütfen

Un coucher de soleil aux couleurs reposantes, un dîner sur la plage, entourés de lanternes et de palmiers... Une soirée de rêve à Palm Beach

I don't want to human today, today I want to dog.. I'll be lying in the sun.. Please pet me and bring me snacks! 🐕🐾🌳☀️🌿🌸 #sun

Perfect day today ." Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong

Be different 😉😎

You not know what happens if you don't take the shot? Not a damn thing. You either make it or you don't, but if you never take the shot, you'll never

[ the classy lady ]how do you see the female equivalent to a gentleman? i think, the classy lady would be it. elegant, smart, integer, with a good

Hey there, A fantastic photo of an elephant by @jwimmerli on @unsplash, I love elephant because they are so proud and I hope People stop taking their

📍 chi town

Looking for paradise 🏝 #beach

#Repost @seefromthesky• • • • • •The beauty of Manta Ray. ...A grown up Manta can weight 1600 KG but the way it moves is so majestic

I know that my hand looks funny on this picture! Well, I blame the physics and most specifically the difference between proportion of the size of my

Esse é o Edifício Maison Heritage,feito pela A.Yoshii Engenharia, um Edifício que algumas pessoas e até alguns sites o consideram para pessoas