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Always a successful mining experience for my investors, mining is bot always profitable due to the cost of electricity to power the mining machines.


The Daily Truth #6.We're our own greatest teachers, yet we learn through others. When we learn to lean into challenging friendships, instead of

Nowadays, everything is based on social networks, millions playing to invest because a friend of a friend opened an #investment account, put couple of


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In the Quran, Allah (swt) says: “Help one another in acts of piety and righteousness. And do not assist each other in acts of sinfulness and

GROW YOUR #BUSINESS? Take a Space in Ferko Building Financial district of istanbul #rent & #sale⠀7 Business Expansion Tips to Help You Avoid

Manifesting isn’t a miracle, you must manifest with intent, and put the work in to receive the results you are looking for💜✅ June 10th 2018 I

Tu dir was Gutes!Heute am nationalen Weintag!Als Unternehmer*in muss man auch mal Pausen einlegen und Tage wie diese feiern - mit einem guten Wein.


🚦 Viele Finanzberater haben seitJahren NICHTS an Ihrem Businessmodellverändert, möchten aber andere oderbessere Ergebnisse erzielen⁉⁉🤔

Just do what is right. 🙌

Курс "Revit" в Dayan Education Center __________________________________________


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We all fail its a part of life...There is nothing wrong with failing let me tell u something.... you have to fail in order to climb the

.Every day I try to push myself 💪🏽.Every day I try to give 💯.Every day I try to be a better me 😉.But not every day you have

Flexin 💸

Just taking a minute to appreciate the beauty in life. 💭

Ready to make some memories this weekend! My focus will be to enjoy the company surrounding me rather than focusing on the food or beverages! I have


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Never give too much importance to someone more then urself coz when they change u ( good ppl) don’t hate them infact u start hating urself

Am donna hate ppl who hate me coz they remind me my life is much more interesting then their..... 😜 aside this much more we not response the