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I have no idea what I’m supposed to do for the first two weeks in July because I’m supposed to move out of my apartment in Spain by the end of

By complete chance, I found out that today is MASSCrestive’s Arts Advocacy Day! They held talks and performers in the morning, then marched to the

We’re so thankful for all this beautiful sunshine we’ve been having in Florida! 🌴Anyone else a fan of spending spring break outdoors? 🙌🏼

Out at lunch 🥗•••Catching some sun ☀️ rays 🌻•••Thank you Anthropologie clearance section for making my lunch so fun to pack

• always on the go 💭 it’s become almost automatic to compare ourselves to others. Whether that’s academically, professionally, or personally

Life's a beach when you're sanding! Come see the results of Avery's hard work at the @ontariosciencecentre from 6-9pm on April 17th

This evening I saw the @luxmuralis and @standrewsvoices preview of the new ‘Light Art’ Instillation in Holy Trinity Church, St Andrews. Using only

Tell us how YOU plan to waste less water for a chance to win up to $1500.00 in scholarships! Official rules & info:

Organic Chemistry... Oh, I do not miss it. Also, I’m in love with this moisturiser. It doesn’t make your hands all sticky for years to come and

After a busy start to the week at uni, It made sense to have a chill evening and order a takeaway, and it had to be @frankieandbennys 🌱 was great

B R A N D I N G — Special thanks to the talented @moremussa_ for designing and bringing my vision so beautifully to life✨ It is everything I hoped

‼️Mida teha kui motivatsioon läks ...👣 🔴Anna oma ajule puhata. See on vaja. Las on paar nädalat, et te puhkate. Pärast seda, leidke uusi

CHILLAAY✌🏼 after another stressful day I needed something WHOLESOME so made this chilli and IT WAS SO GOOD💕🌱So, onion, garlic, red pepper

Up late cracking out some varsity assignments and I cannot stop myself from craving one of these amazing @stelliesbeer x @fiercebeer Aloha Piña

Strategically angle myself to attempt to hide my food baby or to hide the water marks from the drink I spilt all down myself

“Your breathing is your greatest friend. Return to it in all your troubles and you will find comfort and guidance.” – Unknown.This semester

The Amherst Apartment also offers families great access to shopping centres such as Kingsway Mall. The drive to hockey practice is much shorter with

Se armó grupo de estudio 😅😅 invasión gatuna jajaSnape, Agustín, Pequecita y Tony,😅😅🐈🐈 Y esta Rita al lado mío😍Esto es ser

Uncharacteristically bronzey vibe today. Last proper week of lessons for second year, gone so fast!

#TourTuesday is taking place in the 🆕 tropical conservatory in the Chemistry Biology Building. 🌿 Though it's not open yet, Aaron and Katy from

This isn’t your avarage boring cafeteria food! Our lovely vp finance @zac_cole27 Took a snap of the amazing vegan Mac and cheese and grilled cheese

A year ago I was a day away from taking my first comprehensive exam. I thought then, that I would accomplish so much more in a year than I actually

I AM my brother's keeper! With Knowledge, Ambition & Power that world is ours. 💪🏾💪🏾. 🛒Click the link in the bio to grab your fresh tee

El chef Volckaert! 👨🏼‍🍳🇫🇷 La mejor manera de describir a mi chef de cocina es con una pequeña historia... La semana pasada mientras

It’s Tuesday! What does that mean? 2 days left till my peds am I feeling? I think this is a pretty accurate description 🤯 ...

For many teenagers its expected of them to go to college, university, then work. Thats just the norm. Society doesn’t really promote working or

TOMORROW @swarmz_ LIVE @cubancanterbury 😱😱•Last minute tickets LINK IN BIO 💸•Don’t miss the hottest night in Canterbury 🤪

As a Journalist what would you ask Jussie if he was to answer? .... #Repost @abcnews・・・Jussie Smollett says this case "has been an incredibly

They’re moving on to state level! Congratulations to the MVUSD students who have recently moved on to the California History Day competition after

|제 대학교를 살짝 보여드리고 싶습니다. 마음에 드셨으면 합니다.||Je veux partager avec vous un petit aperçu de mon

Yes, my drawer is open 😂 all I could think was the sun is out, I have to take pics !!!

Un día mas es un día menos para cumplir tus sueños. Ten en cuenta que si puedes soñarlo puedes conseguirlo ✅. Ten en cuenta también que los dí

When the WHY is clear, the HOW is easy💕•••I’m excited to be back at Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital to complete my primary care/ocular

There is nothing more important in life than friends 🥰 Tag your best friend!..135mm | F/2.2 | 1/320 Sek | ISO 1000Category: Portrait |

Don't solve problems.Eliminate them💪😎😝