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Photography is taking the lonely road until come upon friends that will help and motivate you along the way------- #photography #photoshoot

Ist das nicht ein tolles Foto von unserem #Uninest Becher auf #Reisen 😍 Diesmal zu Besuch im 🇳🇱 #Keukenhof. Macht auch Ihr mit und schickt

this week’s spread inspired by my one true ride & die, @iamhalsey 🖤 i sold my soul to her 4 years ago and wouldn’t change a single thing


- I'm a fighter, not a quitter. 💪🏼😌Alles was ich anfange, ziehe ich auch bis zum Ende durch. Man muss hartnäckig bleiben und darf nie

Were going to tear up the dance floor this Saturday for you with some sweet hot and heavy deeper house. @hugos_lounge... #lexington #kentucky

放下工作,慢活一天,難得自在!歡迎工作坊 / 租場查詢!工作 • 自修 • 休閒 • 共享空間星期一至日 : 10:

มาแย้วว My color 15 สี.ปากกาเมจิก 2

so important to have goals that you work towards, whether they’re monthly, semesterly or yearly, get that bread 😉

‪Did life get in the way of earning a degree? Figure out your options by speaking to multiple @SUNY colleges on Long Island. Come to the Adult

غبقة ⁧‫ #السفاره‬⁩ ⁧‫ #الاستراليه‬⁩ في ⁧‫ #الكويت‬⁩ ⁧‫ #رمضان ‬⁩ ⁦‪ @AusAmbKuwait


Our studios include a spacious kitchen area, perfect for having a friend round to catch up over a meal ☺️🥙🍛🥘

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William and Vaughan proposed a classification for anti-arrhythmic drugs based on their electrophysiological effects (however this does not include all

19 мая прошла презентация возможностей с компанией Nayuta

All dressed up for work 💁🏻‍♀️I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately: I don’t know what I would do without my phone... do you ever

Om maar meteen te beginnen, zijn de belangrijke inwoners van Sint Petersburg niet bepaald zuinig geweest met het gebruik van bladgoud in hun

6 adults 6 child Renggis island and marine park.. 3 hours trip...Tq Mr see and family... Hope to zee you again... Tekan link 👇untuk bookinghttps

Amazing motivational quote #here


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Sun’s out salads are out 🌞 This was actually my dinner a few nights ago but it was just so good I wanted to post it. It was 2.5 syns for the

Kanal C im Gespräch mit Eropakandidat (und seinem Wahlplakat;)! Was er sich von erwartet, wie er beinahe in

my may calendar using’s 2019 planner! i managed to consolidate everything onto this page but looking at it just stresses me out dkhdksnxj

تناول وجبة السحور مبكراً, لتستيقظ مبكراً في كامل النشاط والتركيز.We recommend an early Sohour

Afgelopen week was ik op Kreta om het Griekse onderwijs te onderzoeken. Buiten dat ik veel heb geleerd heb ik ook onwijs genoten🌞 #teacher


Celebrado desde el 17 hasta el 19. Honestamente mis cumpleaños nunca me han gustado mucho. Cuando niño en uno me fisure la muñeca, otros han sido

มักอ้ายหลายเด้ออออ.. 🎈🎉


Aku berbicara seperti ini bukan mengapa, karena seringkali kita, bahkan akupun memilih memberikan kepercayaan ku pada manusia yang akhirnya berujung

Caryatid from the Lesser Propylaia | Eleusis | Second halh of the 1st c. BC | Archaeological Museum of Eleusis | Peloponnese | Greece——The

Black figure vase offering from tomb at Marathon | 500-450 BC | Archaeological Museum of Marathon | Attica | Greece——Vase with two similar

Glass vessel | Roman period | 50-100 A.D. | National Archaeological Museum | Athens | Greece——Rectangular jug, unknown provrnance