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MOMMA WOULD BE PROUD! Friday night a resident(patient) did something that brought tears to my eyes. He said to me, "You'll never know what you have

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El viernes 22, visitamos las instalaciones de Omarsa Ecuadorian Shrimp, para dar a conocer la oferta académica, programas y demás beneficios que

Guys srsly need your opinion...I have a couple of songs I made but I don’t know if I should pursue it.. this is one of the instrumentals tell me

ШКОЛЫ ФИНЛЯНДИИ МЕНЯЮТ ФОРМАТ ОБУЧЕНИЯЕсть школы, в которых преподают старомодным способом то, что было хорошо в начале 1900-х годов. Но потребности сейчас изменились, и мы должны создать что-то пригодное для XXI века - считают инициаторы изменений.На смену традиционным урокам придут междисциплинарные курсы, и старшеклассники смогут сами определять, чем они хотят заниматься. Например, курс «Работа в кафе» научит ребят экономике, английскому языку, а также заложит основы межличностной коммуникации. Занятия будут проходить в группах, где ученики будут активно обсуждать заданные вопросы.В России тем временем возращают в программу военную подготовку, активно внедряют уроки религии и усиливают занятия физкультурой.Все идет по плану. Интересному, чьему? И куда мы придем с таким образованием? #обучениезарубежом #образованиезарубежом #школьноеобразование #школьники #образованиероссия #учитьсялегко #абитуриент_плюс #abiturient_plus #like4likes #likeforlikes #comment #student #skool

When my student (10years old) who is madly in love, answered everything relating to love 💗 quotes for her English papers.. #teacher #cikgu #guru

Okay ke x okay Aina serum ni?? Korang boleh tengok sendiri hasilnya macam mana.. Nak apa-apa dalam hidup ni kena usaha.. Nak dapatkan kulit cantik pun

Lunes‼️Para comenzar esta semana... tenemos una pequeña y simple tarea que nos va a poner a pensar de una manera un poco reflexiva🤔👉🏼

General N-Glycan maturation pathway on proteins mediated by Dolichol.All day reviewing glycomic-glycobiology for tomorrow's metabolomic class.I

I had an AWESOME experience Externing for @morphosisarchitects at the New York City office! Learning from some of the best in the industry was very

🍁24•03•19🍁Mais um nome de seguidor! E agora é da minha amigonaaaa aqui do instagram... @maaahstudies! Diz com muito amor e carinho espero

What an incredible competition weekend! Now onto building molecules before bed ... Best part is I get to eat it when I’m done!! 😋 #dancer

PROMOCIÓN! 📜 Curso de Electrocardiograma Avanzado 😊Comparte y etiqueta a 5 personas que puedan realizar este curso contigo, inmediatamente

I went to Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum today, but as I still don’t have phone, so here I have evidence that I went to it! :)폰이 없어서

I spent spring break at one of my favorite places- THE MOVIES! Have you seen anything good lately? I’d love to know because I recently saw ‘Us

[22.Mar.2019]We had brunch at Mount Gravatt.And she bought new flower for exchange old one from our house..'He's really good at keeping Riley safe

Found some type of #watercress on our hike today. It was said that Watercress was a staple for Roman Soldiers. A dense superfood that has high levels

what a day 😮 actually, what a week 😅😴 I typically get a weekly journaling prompt to do, but lately I’ve been falling into the trap of “oh

I finally made it to the Escher x Nendo exhibition at the NGV last week. I highly recommend checking it out before it finishes up, if you haven't yet

FIRST YEAR LAW STUDENTS Do you want to be more involved? Do you have lots of ideas? Do you have a love for networking? Then maybe you should apply as

ART&CRAFT 🙌💯.♦️LEO INTERNATIONAL follows an International Curriculum based on the highly valued National Curriculum of England, where

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So excited to be going to #NCECA. Yep is it for all us clay nerds! Keep ya posted on all the fun! Thank you to our hard working professors and

“Student Athlete” where we emphasize “Student” The coaches of the Cyclones 15’s held a Team Bonding and called it “Homework Day”. They

032419 | 07:22 woot wooot spring break (,: no homework-y posts just yet because i planned things out so that i have this weekend to myself for once.

⠀🗣In Russia, frequently touched questions among compatriots:1. Where do you work?2. What do you gradueted?3. Married?4. When will you give

الله دائما رحيم...THERE WAS NO SETBACK FROM HOW I ATE THE PAST FEW DAYS THATS WILD! lowkey think I'm sabotaging myself lol LIFTING

It is my pleasure to announce that Sam Sabzanov and I are running for the Associated Students Vice-Presidency and Presidency, respectively. We have

Eh’ Whatsup DOC?🐰💉💊••••Last SIG Health Fair Clinic in St. Kitts with Dr. Beachman. SO proud of UMHS’s #Teamwork❤️ Thank

“You must expect great things of yourself, before you can do them.”-Michael Jordan✨ ••• Hoop there it is. ICM Exam

The sky is not the limit,It’s just the view.Push through on your goals, You’ve got this!🌊💕 #Nolimits •••Only a few more exams

👚DAY 1: “If you want the best the world has to offer, offer the world your best.”💕•••••• #Medicine #2019 #Clinical