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‘🎶A dreaded sunny day...’🎶. Listening to the Smiths and walking around St Louis Cemetry no.2 in New Orleans 😎hipster heaven 😎You think


The best piece of advice I could give someone at any stage in life is to bloom where you are planted.•Learning to embrace where you are is key to

qotd: what’s your all-time favourite food? mines udon don’t come for me😗—happy sunday y’all! i can’t edit photos for my life so sorry

Тёплые деньки, пока 👋🏽☹️


Sometimes a beautiful woman doesnt need shoes. Lol. Show me your Sunday native if you took a picture... @zestydestiny on Twitter #SundayVibe

We care about every student at Hyde Park. We offer bespoke tuition programmes based on diagnostic assessment and plan for your future achievements and

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There is nothing like a cup of good coffee ☕ and watching the validation loss decreasing while training your deep neural network


På 10 minutter lager du denne velsmakende pastaretten med tagliatelle og Toro pastasaus ekstra krydret! 😋🌱Veldig enkelt, og veldig godt

She’s had the most amazing, memorable day & i couldn’t possibly be any prouder of my queen & her boy. 🏵

Осінь повільно заповнює простір і душу. Людні вулиці, сквери, пусті келихи і горнятка. Укутує в теплі пледи і робить чай з лимоном. Бо після холодної води в душі є шанси мати нежить. Але вже все добре. В четвер вмикнули гарячу. Є надія, що вона буде завжди. І ще хочеться глітвейну. З гвоздикою і корицею.🍷🍁••••••••••• #instagram #insta #like #instagood #goodtime #ukraine_blog #ukraineblog #blog #blogger #style #lifestyle #love #rivnegram #kyivgram #photography #ukrainegram #ukraine #beautiful #beauty #happy #goodday #sunny #good #student #people #lutsk #ua #like4likes #studentlife #autumn

سيغيثك الله قريبا بالفرج و يغسل معه كل ندبات الحزن التي عاشت فيك و يمحو الليالي التي لم تنم بها قلقا "فاستبشر"


Sablee de vainilla y cacao✨ Masas quebradas

What you have to do to safely catch Timmy: match his gravitational acceleration and slow him down

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Our ex-head of chassis and soon-to-be-head of aero Alexandros Papadopoulos is currently on placement at McLaren F1! "Spending the summer at McLaren


hope everyone is having an wonderful weekend! ✨I love this from @positivelypresent and it got me thinking that often as teachers on Instagram, we

........ Felicity Huffman sentencing compared to Bridgeport mom Tanya McDowell. NORWALK — The story of a Bridgeport woman who was sent to prison for

Boy beat up at school as other students watched and videotaped itA boy was beat up at a Florida middle school as other students watched and taped it

If you're looking to immigrate as an entrepreneur or investor, there are options for you.There are multiple programs in place to benefit both your


Even the zombies are happy!!! We’re now accepting card payments via PayZone for the @shauneharrisonacademy on all our upcoming courses. The

¡Hola! Aquí les traigo este apunte de pedagogía, espero y les guste. Estoy tratando de mejorar mi letra, y quiero compartir mi proceso con ustedes

Although I have mixed feelings about my last summer, it did give me one thing back that I missed over the last year a bit: having fun and being hella

If you say you didn’t study it makes you seem smarter, then you can base your self worth off of other people’s perception of how smart you are


was against posting my face, but decided that since @keshi ends his tour today and he signed my bucket hat 🥺 i’ll do it - so grateful i got the

Du er den tøffeste Ingrid 💙. Hadde aldri trodd du skulle starte med roing og absolutt ikke ro 8 sculler i et skolemesterskap for universitet hvor