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Last heavy Squat Day before comp.-Since Nationals in June last year, I've not squatted more than 190x3, which was last week.-Today, worked up to a

Cerchiamo di rimediare a tutto questo tempo di assenza..Sono state davvero tante le cause che mi hanno portato a tralasciare la mia preparazione ma

Stronger than yesterday🏋🏼‍♀️______________________________________________________________________________ #fitgirl #fitness #fit #gym

Progression will make stagnant people uncomfortable, You could be the nicest person, BUT if you are progressing, you will have enemies. With every

.(....Holi top mashup full song video link in bio )🎈🎈🎈🎈 tiktok 👉gauravbhati093

🖤 TRONIXMEN 🖤 .✔Slip pёr meshkuj ES1001.✔Porosit tani✉✔Cilësia maksimale🔝✔Çmimi 670 lekë 😊..✔Pёrqindja e etiketё

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily...The secret of your success is found in your daily routine

Estampa Zebra esgotada! 😱Nossa, como saiu rápido! Estamos muito felizes que tenham gostado. Agora queremos te ver como #mulheroqvee 😍 Criativa

PROMO 🔛 (arraste 👉🏻).▪️Whey Muscle Hammer 900g▪️Creatina 70g▪️Coqueteleira OU strap #OverAllSuplementos OU caleira (a sua

#journeytoleanness.Edited: wrong number on video 😂. .Again, just re-attempting 19.4 just because looking at everyone doing it so just join in

Summer will be upon us before you know it.If you have a goal or holiday in mind then the time to start is NOW!..shortly we will be into April...

Olivia baby is 3 months old and I cannot even handle her sweetness 💕 she is always smiling and happy. This month she started babbling so much that

It’s time to wake up, and let go of he hold your past has on you. Only by doing that can you FLY

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Let's not dread another Monday. Let's make this day amazing and do amazing things. I absolutely love this saying, I will always think of myself as a

A proposta básica para usar mix de pulseiras é: não tem regras. Pode-se misturar todos os tipos de pulseiras dos mais diversos estilos e vai

Merhaba💕Hepiniz çok özlendiniz💕Biraz ara vermiş olabilirim ama ben ve herşey aynı şekilde akıp gidiyoruz 🙏 Yulaflı ,kepekli ,otlu,

Trabaja duro para conseguir tus sueños💪🏽😏 Seguimos en la linea @juanma.carrillo.vf

what product do you use? I start my day off with 2 scoops of Vi Shake, you could get yours for free, ask me

Happy Monday! It's the last week of my cut , it's always hard towards the end , need to push and stay motivated, always remind myself how far I've

Happy Saturday fitfam💪👊 Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend so far.😎✌️ Let's keep the gains train moving💯💯 Stay blessed and