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When I stand at the water’s edge and look out over the ocean, how far away is the horizon?............... #ocean #sea #storm

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Screenshot of Jay's tornado in Oklahoma tonight.An epic storm hunt but unfortunately, some damage is to be deplored... #tornado #Oklahoma #jay

Reponiendo material náutico, chalecos, banderas, bombas, anclas, y demás artículos obligatorios en tu embarcación. Ven a 👉Náutica Medusa👈

#tbt In 2017 a snow storm left Vancouver, Washington under a blanket of white. Seen here, two pups tackle a chilly trek. #dogsofinstagram #snow


Hai Para Pencari Booyah...Ini adalah Data dari keluarga StormRacing.Yang bakal berjuang memperbesar nama baik StormRacing• @freefire.gokil

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10 tipos de nuvens comuns! ☁️ Pra você que sempre olha pro Céu e vê formas diversas nas nuvens, saiba que todas tem nomes e são classificadas

"We take this love in a photograph, we keep these memories for ourselves.." Lines we all should truly live by. So much to do, so much to see, so much


🐭 • LILLE MUS • 🐭Min lille patient, jeg håber på min eksamensopgave skriver sig selv færdig🤷🏼‍♀️🥴🤞🏼 #lillemus

El día siguiente fuimos a la playa!! 😍🏖 La verdad es que no hacía tan bueno para bañarse ni para tomar bien el sol, pero pudimos darnos una

Ci attende un altro pomeriggio instabile, specialmente nelle zone interne del centro dove saranno possibili rovesci e temporali ⚡️..Segnalaci

#Storm BOA ! Ready to go anywhere! 🧗🏻‍♀️장비만 늘어가는구나 ㅎ #100대 명산 격파


I absolutely loved this wedding - we were caught by the beautiful storm in the middle of the #lake, everybody was soaking wet including the bride and

She is here!!! Miss StormSire: Kliff Vom Floyd Haus ( IPO 3 ) who is the 2017, 2018 FCI vice world champion.Dam: Alpinebase YaffaBreed By:

Whatever life throws at you need not be dealt with immediately. You may throw away lemons if you don't like them, but you do not need to do that right

🌪 Plusieurs dizaines de tornades frappent la tornado alley aux États-Unis ces derniers jours ! Vidéo du 22 mai au soir à Carl Junction (Missouri

~ Tu verras des gens heureux prendre un appelLeur visage se décompose et rien n'est plus jamais pareilY a rien à faire, à part être présent


Моё море, прошу тебя, не выплюни меня на берегВо время очередной бури твоих истерик. Я так давно тебя искал по грязным пресным руслам, Зубами сети рвал, напрягая каждый мускул.И я готов сожрать пуды твоей горчащей солиЗа то лишь, что ты здесь остаться мне позволишь.За то, что дальше дашь дышать твоею влагой, Кроме этого блага мне больше ничего не надо. ****************************************** #🌊 #sea #beautiful #storm #song #noizemc #моёморе #love #memories

While on Safari in Maasai Mara its not only the animals to look out for but also the view is amazing 👀


*Sorry for bad quality*-“Emotions” by @ianndior is kinda nice. 🐐 ————————————————————————

Y una vez que la tormenta termine, no recordaras como lo lograste, como sobreviviste. Ni siquiera estarás seguro si la tormenta ha terminado

Just another stormy sunrise... within minutes that storm cloud burst open and it was wet everywhere 🌧🌧🌧 then just as suddenly it stopped