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Meet recap squats: Opener: 385... easy! 2nd attempt: 424... 20lb meet PR!3rd attempt: 440 (200🔑) 10lb overall PR and 38lb meet PR! Huge day on

I think they think we be going @jazzybofficial7 when I say we workout 2 days a week 🤣🤣🤣🤣.. 🤷🏾‍♂️ok.. and no cardio.. for years

Please join us for FREE on Wednesday nights from 6pm to 730pm for our Barbell Basics Class with our TPF Certified Coaches

Went 5 days this week. Still working on form and the love for the gym. Can't wait to see results. 💪...... #fitness #fitnessgirl

📽Peasant DL- 605x4 (4th set)💨📽2” Block Sumo- 675x2 (3rd set)📽Front Squat- 455x2 (3rd set

Hace ya casi 2 años de este video en el que hice mis primeros 135kg en banca😁Si te sientes frustrado alguna vez porque no estás mejorando en el

“As strong as I am.. I still look to God for strength.” I always look up when I’m down. Prayer is powerful and I always pray before lifts. God

2nd Athlete of the day: Neo @megamanzzzz (U74, M1) ending the day with 9/9 attempts and first in his category🥇: 167.5(+17.5)/90(+2.5)/190(+10) for

Had my MRI done next stop hospital for a #biopsy in a few weeks. Still lifting weights it hurts but its the one thing I have that keeps me from

Gotta dig deep and sit in that uncomfortable spot. If you want to get better you’ve gotta press the issue! Did a couple sets of 15 with 315. Depth

When summer comes... you gotta shine like the sun! Listen to music that makes you happy, hang out with the people you value the most, and have fun!

kNOw words 👽

Arnold Classic Fitness Expo 💪🏼

Top single of 190, second clip is 180. Really happy with how comfortable these felt, 3 weeks out from my next meet. I’ve maintained strength since

300 x 3 @ 50% overshoot+ 50% benches here really suck= 100% I suck 😂 Last workout back home before going back to AZ 🤟 #TeamJoeyFlexx

I got it. 40,000 steps. 19.38 miles. From my kitchen, around the island, through the great room, into the foyer, through the dining room, through the

3 of the main lower body lifts from the past 5 weeks, top set shown. All 3 at RPE 81. Deadlift: 635 x 32. Zercher Squat: 405 x 33. Paused Back

Let them sleep while we grind, Let them party while we work, The difference will show!! Great sessions with the fellas today, proud of my guys

My three best lifts from today, 622/451/727. It wasn’t the day I was hoping for but that rarely happens anyway. Still managed to hit a meet PR squat

what slav doesn't squat constantly?-> -> -> for more gym nonsense

Did some bench squats, I made sure to control the eccentric portion of the exercise. Tried to do some pulse squats but I was two tired after doing two

260x5 for 4 out of 5 sets it's lit

1 with straps & full day of rest months ago2 with 2 hours of sleep After working all day & hitting leg day before thisA lot to work on with my

Sat 11 am Snatch ClassJason Stronger-4 months off OL & still looking ON !Chris Better tensionVictoria Tight & Rock Back Chris Superman’s Lift

This may look easy but give it a try for 5 rounds 😀10 Burpees10 squats10 pushups10 mountain climbers2nd workout of the day.....

PB Alert 🙌🏻 122kg feeling breezy 😳I can’t believe that it was only 3 Months ago I was struggling with 100kg! Big thanks and huge

Non possiamo scegliere come nascere però abbiamo qualcosa di meglio, la libertà di decidere come diventare.🏝• #abs #addominali #allenamento

"Uno spirito libero e selvaggio non si può domare.Ha solo bisogno di trovare qualcuno disposto a correre al suo fianco."•• #abs #addominali

"L'attrazione fisica è una scintilla ,ma l'attrazione mentale è l'incendio,perché della mente non ti liberi neanche quando chiudi gli occhi