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Hello again! It's Kat :) and today I present to you a playful drawing called " A Pop of Color" To the left is the original line-art and to the right

S W I P E 👉Repost from @jamiewellsart . . . #repost @jamiewellsart・・・I’m so excited to share this LIVEPainting and time-lapse created

African Girl


First short video on 😭 let me know what you think! Sorry it’s a little rushed, I also filmed with my hands so the camera is a bit

So I did a thing and getting back into speed painting again😓😓💖❤ Credits:meeArtwork: vade (you tube) *for now on when I post speed paint if


Big tiddie mechanic: Avera••ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ: Old sketches that I inked today, the last time I inked a drawing was October

"너무 듭다! 벌써 여름이라니!"------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ #character ] #daily

A little bit of sunshine and one day is all we need to transform the exterior of your home. SPEED + QUALITY = WOW!

My Agent: when you show up, just be casual.Me: .So who’s ready for this giveaway I keep talking about!? 🙋🏼‍♀️🎉 Ok

:: Handmade soaps are beautiful, timeless and charming pieces of art. An ideal gift or travel souvenir for yourself or


Day 310 plus 50/100. #100dayprojectHappy World Turtle Day!This is our prompt at the Daily Creating Group. Would love for you to join the group!

Então é curso que vcs querem? Então cursos terão! Em Julho vou estar na @quantaacademiadeartes pra mais uma semaninha intensiva, de 15 a 19 de

Someone asked me how I do my line work, so here’s a time lapse of my lining process! The way I draw is really odd honestly. I take a picture of my


I did this digital speed painting today. One hours worth of work, swipe to see the time lapse! FYI: these are done in one layer, no eraser and I keep

Taking a break for till tomorrow now. Totally zoned on this and didn't move for 2 hours straight on the other hand its looking pretty baller at the

💣🔥^Process by @coant.coant ^✍🏽🌊🏄🏽‍♂️. .Por lo general realizo estos pasos, sin embargo hay muchas maneras para hacer arte

SWIPE/ La otra vez quise hacer un directo por aquí y a falta de una buena conexión ya no pude U_U, así que hoy, gracias a que descubrí que puedo


Throwback to an old speed painting I never posted! I have a personal account now where I post travelling shots, graphic design work and anything in

A piece that I am working on! What do you think? Each attempt is worth gold Follow me! @i_am_maw_art/una pieza en la q estoy trabajando! Cada

A bit of my process in the art Avengers Endgame! 😁😁Art for sale!!! Who wants to see more details listening to the theme song of The Avengers

After a couple of days of non art at all i come back with fresh air to my studies of skin and textures meanwhile im trying to complete this challenge


living vicariously through online life is stressful and heart aching. The onslaught of information and news tends to be overwhelming and you get lost