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#wip!!! I just bought an #iPad (finally! I don’t have to use my stupid tablet anymore!! 😭) and I love it! I’m getting used to #Procreate and I

Probably one of my favorite places on earth. If I could get a job either to work on rockets or even be lucky enough to go to space I would the


Siempre es buen momento para subir fotos en la Luna #Moonlife #Egypt #space

The Helix Nebula known as gods eye 😍How magical is this. Look into a person's eye and it looks like this.We can truly learn a lot from the

V is for the Voyager Program. Consisting of two probes, the voyager program is the first mission to travel to interstellar space, beyond the sun’s

El Volcán es una localidad de la comuna de San José de Maipo, Provincia de Cordillera de la Región Metropolitana de Santiago. Se encuentra a 80 km

Anyone else’s #daschund love to watch programmes like planet earth, earth from space and frozen planet? Hector absolutely loves them! 😂🐶

ᴮᴱᴸᴵᴱᵛᴱ ᴹᵞˢᴱᴸᶠ 🔥💥🌈


#Repost @iss• • • • • •The moon is photographed in its waning gibbous phase just above the Earth's limb as the International Space

Conflict ends when you can listen to someone from a nondefensive place of deep acceptance and love, a place beyond “I am right and you are wrong

Tan real como un sueño.


And you fake $igga you Should retire 💯🙏🏽And you $uck $iggas Should get fired up I Don't $uck with fed $iggas They be wired up

Mit diesem Raumschiff würde ich gerne durch die Nacht fliegen und in den Himmel hinein schauen, durch die gläserne Kuppel kann ich das endlose

#Solhé el lugar ideal para vivir. Tenemos 2 #PentHouse y 1 #apartamento desde 267 metros cuadrados déjate cautivar por un proyecto pensado en luz,

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Deep Space Habitats in dessert extra-terrestrial environments and scientific exploration


So I took this video of my coffee this morning because the oil from the beans was doing this amazing thing. Now, the liquid had been at rest for about

🔺 mazes & monsters 🔹

Stars are forming within its glowing gas clouds. Within the stellar nursery, astronomers have identified what looks like multiple infant planetary

#SalamPeace sample printed for! Keep an eye out for them will be dropping more stuff soon 📦 #astroprintz

2nd project for my Animated Illustration class! We had to create a looping animation in about 2-4 seconds. Turned out a little more mechanical than I


La mejor Madre de la Galaxia merece que tu fuerza siempre la acompañe 🤟. Encuentra el regalo perfecto en WePrint 😎Ubicados al lado de América

What a truly awe-inspiring moment this was! 🚀One week ago, @NASAWallops launched @NorthropGrumman’s Cygnus craft aboard their incredible Antares

Designed a logo for an upcoming brand 📦 Keep a look out for #streetculture!

No photo is going to do this view justice, but I’ll try anyways. One of the few times in my life that felt like I was in space...... #space