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Well time to crank back some cold ones and hit the stream IM GOING 🛑 LIVE 🛑 CATCH YALL ON THE STREAM HITTING UP APEX THAN HEADING OVER TO ROCKET

Well another job down wall mount a TV some Ikea drawers and some shelves not bad for 75$ an HR lol catch y'all on some mixer soon getting the elusive


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Which one is the better shot? 1 or 2? 3 is just an annoying child that's annoying and needed to go. 😂

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Just one of like ten wins from last night @deadcloud.gaming was out here thank @kokesmushtv & for playing last night we killed it

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Well it's that time again GOING 🛑 LIVE🛑 ON MIXER Streaming with & @kokesmushtv tonight woo is it gonna be a good one boys let

Well another long day but me and @xchibislayerx got er done thanks for the help babe got a little more for me to do tmrw than payday can wait than I'm

[Live now 🙏🏻]In today stream I going play Paladins with street style skins and play some Warframe later on so make sure to tune in at https://

How to finish a round of Alcatraz🤷‍♂️---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Make sure to join the

So this is Monty he sits in a tank next to my gaming couch he's the shit and danm he was hungry he snatched that worm before I could get my camera lol

My dude @xgoober_gamingx out like the hell outta my page thanks brotha keep being awesome my dude and y'all go ver and give this guy z follow he's


💜 strawberries + iced coffee + coconut + lofi = me 💜••••••henlo loves! a girl is ready 2 stream! cash me online tonight

When you sneak it in and then FULL send it!!

Dropped a 50 💣 in rumble yesterday!! It was lit lol

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You guys amaze me! Thank you everyone on Facebook and Instagram for the support and love. This is a bizzar achievement to me! Please check me out on

Live!! Over on twitch! Playing some Rocket League! Working on leveling up that Rocket Pass so I hope to see you there!!!💵💵 #stefensquad

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That first kill tho. 🔥🔥🔥Remember to like,comment & share for fresh daily content‼️...▪️Use code BOTCHYPLAYZ for 15% off


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Thank you for wanting to work with me! Can't wait to get my hands on some garb! Check em out and use my code

Thank you for wanting to work with me! Can't wait to get my hands on some garb! Check em out and use my code

Taking it back with some RollerCoaster Tycoon! Loved this game growing up! Sorry for the late stream. Https:// come chat with me

Don't miss out on some sweet threads from and their awesome raptor mascot! Raptors not your thing? Dont worry they've got plenty of


GOING 🛑 LIVE🛑 WITH let's gooooo got 48 beers let's do thissss

Getting some easy kills in skull town🔥🔥Remember to like,comment & share for fresh daily content‼️.Music: My Go Away DreamMusician: Not

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Ayyyyy hit 200 followers on mixer thank you everyone for the help and keeping me drivin to put out content there r so many ppl to thank but especially

Bits and beers bud let's get dikerd this long weekend woooo Hopi love bein Canadian happy Victoria day weekend or as we call may 24 fuckers just out

Yoooo it's done boys let's get showers up and hit the stream wooooooo hoooooo captain Canuck at it again out here heart broken and heat stroke with a

It’s Friday and we took the quads to parents-in-law for dinner. Now we are back home in our game cabin and playing som games. Love it


Who else likes "one shot"? This game really gets you going while you're in the exchange!!

It only took 14 years.

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Holy smokes bud thanks @smokeout_gaming for all the love my dude will get rocket league in this weekend homie and all y'all give my dude a follow

Man I just recieved my order and I love it so much!! It ia comfy as hell 😍 If you wanna get some jigh quality clothes just go on