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Presente do nosso amigo André, muito obrigado amigo! E vamos que vamos , iniciar mais uma jornada! @conradoadolphoF5 Publicidade Online - Seu

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Inter-Palermo 0️⃣-1️⃣Si chiude con una vittoria, il campionato contro una grande squadra su un campo difficile. #palermocalcio


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"You can lock your door at night, avoid that dark alley, clutch your purse and hide your wallet, but the odds are if you are getting robbed it’s

What u lookin’ at? 🐮I need to wake up this afternoon, I swear I’ve had a permanent headache today and as such I am really tired. Anyone else

Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle

kapak olmuştur umarım yaparken ebemi feda ettim


ben bir adam sevmek istiyorum, gözlerine bakınca mahvolmuş dünyada hala bir yaşama sevincim olduğunu anlayabilmek istiyorum, onunla beraber her

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Hey Rockstars! Tonight's the night! @mrtonyterry_ is in an awesome stage play tonight Saturday, brought to you by the lovely Dee Hunter “Love Rears

Abro um MEI ou uma ME?Antes de dar start num negócio, entenda seu mercado, organize seu financeiro, saiba os custos exatos dos produtos.Benefí


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I think I need to repeat this for the people in the back. Your opinion of social media doesn't matter. ⁣⁣-"I don't think people should spend so

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Everyone fails, it’s inevitable. Don’t put too much energy into overthinking and trying to avoid it. Accept that mistakes will be made, especially

TAMPA, Fl! 🌴My ladies in the Central Florida area this is an event you do not want to miss! If you’ll like to attend Come Spill Your Tea or


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Storytelling is so much bigger than marketing. It’s the foundation of how companies or businesses communicate who they are in the world and what

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:: :: Home.....😍💫 Primavera la bella stagione Quando tutto prende vita😘 :::Beautiful Weekend Friends🙏:::::Meraviglioso Weekend

Ci sono soltanto due donne che riescono a guardarsi negli occhi pensando che l'altra sia la più bella del mondo. Che l'altra sia tutto quello che