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Indigo Slate Organic Palm Free Soap!Full of highly moisturizing and nutritious extra virgin organic olive oil, a rich blend of sweet labdanum, white


All new Teddy bear soaps.These exclusive soaps are made from goat milk and our very own natural flavours without any additives.The all new gifting

We've met the most amazing people at the annual Handcrafted Soap Guild conference in Dallas. Here's someone you need to meet: Stacy Smoot of Mountain

...점심 드셨나요~~저는 샌드위치에 뜨거운 스프 콕 찍어먹는거 너무 조아해요~ 😁😁오늘은 작업실 근처 까페에서 새쿠폰도장 찍었어요~ㅎㅎ이제 차곡차곡 쌓여가겠지용~정리안된 작업실이지만 주문받은 것도 있고해서 작업스타투 해볼랍니다~오후도 힘내요 ~그대들~💛....💛better thinngs are coming~💛... #썸머메리 #summermerry #디자인비누수업 #금호동작업실


🌾🌾Natural soap🌾🌾✨💜Lavender💜✨ #Weddinggift 😍😍Theme : gray, purple, white Line id : @homdee_soap

Sometimes, the ideas make sense in my head but get lost in application ☹️💔☹️ I know, I know, only post your best stuff online, but I don't

Sweetness “Yoni Bar” Stacked with all the good goods for yo good good 🤗✨ ‼️For External Use Only‼️ helps to fight discomfort itch

Yay SALE time guysCome down and stock up on soap this Sunday at the Napier Market!Shop local for great deals and smell this amazing range of hot


GREEN TEA is a well-known herbal beverage made from Camellia sinensis leaves. Known to alleviate headaches, combat bad moods and even suppress

Made some Soap today, 2 new soaps Rose Geranium Soap scented with Rose Geranium & Cedarwood Essential Oils & Charcoal Acne Soap Scented with Pink

💎 Handmade soap made by moiDm me for your personalized #soaps that is organic and #vegan friendly yasss to that 😍✅🍀There's going to be

This is the cut of my “Just Soap” bat. I struggled pretty severely with lighting and shadows to get this picture on this rainy Midwest Tuesday.

Sabías que......cuando se derrama vinagre sobre un jabón se produce una reacción de hervor. Lo mismo sucede cuando se está triste y alguien

Feeling like summer with this new bomb! The colors and scent are amazing! Water is hot pink! Cherry Marmalade Merry Go Round! #bathart #bath

Local friends! We will be at Women 4 Wellness on Thursday, May 23rd, 10-4:30. Come see what’s new in our product line and smell our stuff! This is a


👋Всем , привет !Немного мыльца из солнечных лимонов! 🍋А как пахнут. ... ммм....🍋🍋🍋Вкусные, запашишистые, ну прям лимон лимоном . 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋Ну как, слюньки потекли, как на настоящий !🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋 Если да , значит я не зря старалась и точно заслужила от вас лайки !♥♥♥♥♥ А все мои работы можно купить у меня в магазине или заказать через инстограм , все контакты в шапке профия ! 🍋🍋🍋_____________________ И до встречи на моей страничке !❤❤❤ Ваша Н.❤❤ #handmadesoaps #handcraftedsoap #naturalsoaps #cpsoap #soapmaker #soapart #naturalsoap #brambleon #soapmaking #coldprocess #coldprocessoap #soapshare #мылоснуля #бомбочкидляванн #домашнеемыло #бомбочки #ароматеропия #подарокмаме #мылоназаказ #мылоручнойработы #натуральноемыло #сувенирноемыло #мылосвоимируками #мылосувенирное #мылотомск #томсксегодня #мыловтомске #инстамаматомск #годовасие #подароктомск

☆Loved making these Guest Soaps for @TheStarliteMotel's opening in Kerhonkson, NY!! 🌠🌿 👉🏽Look to book your Upstate weekend in this retro

Wet soap Tuesday! I am in love with the @brambleberry Apricot Fresca fragrance oil. This loaf is made with purple Brazilian clay (I t’s hiding),

Seizing the extra day off to pack all your gift boxes request! Thanks everyone ! They will be ready to ship out on Friday!🦋. #handmadesoap

Bergamot. Handmade body bar, Vegan skincare. If you love a natural aroma soap, you will love this soap. It smells soooo good and has Bergamot Orange

Bergamot. Handmade soap, Vegan skincare. If you love a natural aroma soap, you will love this soap. It smells soooo good and has Bergamot Orange

Loofah Soaps Sale Tomorrow! 🎉••• ¡Pasen por nuestro grupo en Facebook para que no se pierdan nuestra venta y sean los primeros en ver

Pouring these was definitely a learning experience, but I think I got the hang of it towards the end! These are my vegan lip balm tubes, made with


Calendula and activated charcoal soap. So good for your skin! I infused calendula flowers in olive oil for six weeks which gives the soap a slight

Have you tried our new Sugar Scrubs yet? Gingered Peach is becoming very popular and you will love the texture and new jars! 🍑😀 #beauty

Unscented Blue Swirl Soap ($7) Made with Kokum Butter, great for sensitive skin, easily absorbed and promotes healthy skin cells. #coldprocess

Vanilla 🥥 Coconut Soap ($7) Made with Cocoa Butter, Palm Oil and Castor Oil. Scented with Vanilla and Coconut 🥥 Fragrance Oils. #coldprocess

I made this soap for the men! Rustic Woods and Rum Soap 🧼 ($7) Made with moisturizing oils and butters such as Coconut, Sweet Almond and Olive

It’s crazy to think that summer is just starting (technically hasn’t even hello birthday!) and I’m already making fall scents to start curing.

Hi everyone! I have exciting news (for me anyway)! After almost a year as Shady Creek Botanicals, I am changing my name to my own - B Pouncy Soaps


Somewhere Over The Rainbow 🌈 Soap ($7)Made with some of the most moisturizing oils for the skin: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter.

Love, love, love my Multi-Tea soap! Its freshly cut and so perfect! It has matcha green tea butter, a bergamot black tea fragrance, and topped with

V e r y f i r s t s o a pI've ever made right here. Coconut, olive, sustainable palm, sweet almond and castor oils I can't wait to cut!These

Every one of our bars of soap has close to an ounce of goats milk. When we say handmade, we absolutely mean it from start to finish. From milking,

• orange creamsicle🍊🍦•olive oil + coconut oil + shea butter + castor oil + sweet almond oil........... #handmadesoap

Hoje preparando bichinhos de mini zoo!!! Pintura a mão, delicada e com fofurice para a baby Ana que vai chegar em breve!. #painting #handmade


Lavender Vanilla 😌. Packed with essential oils, vitamin E oil, lavender bud embeds and natural mica powder for that simmering look 🤩 #instagood

Lavender Vanilla 😌. Packed with essential oils, vitamin E oil, lavender bud embeds and natural mica powder for that simmering look 🤩 #instagood