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La Grave, le terrain de jeu! 'La voute' and some touring over the glacier de combeynot.

It was a great day ☀️First time on the slopes with Chris’ family. Missing the rest of the troop though. Thankful for a full skiing season of

😍💍SPEECHLESS 💍😍 and I actually was for about a minute that he had to ask 'can I have an answer?!' What an absolutely fantastic week and

Ein irrsinnig tolles Wochenende neigt sich dem Ende zu ☀️Morgen starten wir in die letzte Woche dieser Saison! ⛷ Unbedingt noch vorbeischauen

Today is the day! Slush Cup 2019 is going to be a great time so get out to the hill before noon to participate in or watch the action! Shout out to