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Ghost town. #35mmSanford, FL.March, 2019.

En el parque ... #visualambassadors #tonesbox #primeshots #depobsessed #exploreeverything #wanderlust #lifeofadventure #thecreatorclass #shoot2kill


Take the risk or lose the chance.


rough concept, drop a comment and let me know what you think bout it, release it soon?! Side note: I know my auto tune ghetto af 😂

El vacío es la parte del cuerpo que más duele..................... ...... #streetbogota #CitytvPorTodaBogotá #bogotart

서울의 밤거리 2번째 사진입니다. 불금이네요~~ 다들 즐거운 하루되시길바랍니다~ ...Seoul night view


懷念東京的夜景✨” All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. " #tb ...Photo by: rambler_jay.......

That's all folks. I use to od on hashtags and I would lose my mind about being stuck around the 1600 followers mark. Now fuck a hashtag I want paid

She said, I'm fire. I said no.You are more like Kelvin.

brains don’t matter if your wig get split on some third eye shit. #proera

Come back to earth x Mac Miller

EarthGang x Masturpeace


Lute x Ambitions

Amphetamine x Smino

Actually missing the cold weather right now.

it ain’t 2009 no more yeah, I know what’s behind that door.

World in my hands x Saba

sparring with a knife in a missile fight,get your intel right; your intelligence is irrelevant.

skywalker in the blunt, darth vader in the cup.

🐴 (filler)

motion picture, flows consist of potent scriptures.


i guess i just play it by ear, silence is all that i hear.


📍Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿 ☁️⚡️❗️..What’s up guys. Hope all of you are doing well 😊Tell me if you like this shot and


🚇🚇Location: Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿 Follow us @oa.ongram for more :)

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Cole world, no blanket.

Biking x Frank Ocean

Missing that Tokyo winter weather.

can paint a picture that is vivid enough to cure blindness #coleworld

The sky's the limit
That's what they told the fuckin' fool
I disguised the limit
Now I'm aiming for the sun and moon. #seattle #gasworkspark


free your mind and everything’ll follow.

eyes closed, i zone till five or so in the morn.

pulling strings like Geppetto, you just a puppet fellow.

"I'm on this interstellar mission, is you down to ride? Hold up, I know this innermission feelin' like the tribe." - logic


Knock Tha Hustle. - Cozz ft. Cole