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여기는 내가 좋아라 하는 텐동집 텐야✨ 그냥 저렴한 가격에 텐동+우동/소바 세트 먹을 수 있고 가볍게 맥주 한잔 기울이기 좋은 곳! 저렴한 가격에 가성비 괜찮아서 어느지점이든 줄이 길~ 다. 도쿄 살적에 집앞에 있어서 만만하게 자주 찾아다녔는데 이 평범한 맛 조차 매일 맛볼 수 없으니 그리울따름- 나는 주로 올스타 텐동 세트(튀김이 골고루 들어있음) 에 따뜻한 우동(사이즈 조절 가능 S/L) 그리고 튀김 몇개 추가 해서 먹는데, 물가 비싸기로 유명한 도쿄에서 만원 이하로 먹을 수 있는 몇안되는 곳인데 나는 다 먹고 나면 이만원 나온다🤷🏻‍♀️ #예니도쿄

You are doing all that you can. Balancing life and everything else in between. Give yourself credit for all that you do. You are resilient and strong

.🍻 “TV Party Tonight”📺 Self Portrait🍻 March 23, 2019📺 Jerz.📸 Hipstamatic📸 No Film📸 Jane Lens📸 Jolly Rainbo 2X

I really need to make myself the shirt I always put myself in my little doodles. I decided to see where my drawing skills were with a self portrait. I

Scotophilia (n.) A preference for the night or darkness...I’m pretty sure I melted my corneas while taking this picture and Devi probably hates

“I’m not the girl in the white dress.” Self portrait in response of listening to White Dress by Halestorm all day long on full blast. Sorry

🌺 A new podcast episode went live today, so check it out, the link is in the bio 😌! Today’s episode is about what to do with your life when

This is me living in the fog 🌫•It’s lifted some since this self-portrait was taken, but the fog lingers🤷🏼‍♀️•Have you ever

Shroud for my spent selfVeil for the melancholy-nessShield for the adventure awaitingAnd perhapsA valence over the next calibrationMay I step

Can’t wait for the newest bromides!! If you want to get them pls come to ‘s next show on Mar 30thI am bad at explaining what I want

The quality of sexiness comes from within. It somethin that is in you. It doesnt have much to do with breasts or thighs or the pout of your lips. It

the tethered but make it fashion ✂️

I’ve always been very private and have posted for over a year without adding personal photos to my feed. Sharing a photo so you can put a face to

When I ain’t out looking for landscapes..... #repost.... Peace and Love