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#bodytransformation ...🇧🇪 Mon poids ne me définit pas. Ce n'est qu'un chiffre. Une information factuelle. Ce n'est pas un indicateur de beaut

✨Self care✨Hallo ihr Lieben, was ist Selbstsorge, Selbstliebe? Oftmals vergessen wir es um uns selber zu kümmern. Aber was ist das um uns

It's okay to not be okay. #selfiee, #throwback, #photooftheday, #lookoftheday, #happyday, #quoteoftheday, #sundayfunday, #tuesday, #contactlens, #browneyes,

#Repost @asiayogaconference ( @get_repost)・・・ @yogini.kaliji offers us a workshop that helps release deep patterns of tension. Like the roots of

Grand rising 🌎“You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.”– George Lorimer

Did you ever have a life plan that didn't go to plan and you were upset about it or angry?Let it go it wasn't your time or path things happen for a

That feeling you can’t explainPS. (Hindi pa ako ready dyan, napakagaling kumuha ng kapatid ko @rmmrtnz 😂 Labyu)...... #streetshot

MARIE-PASCALE∙Was ist Schönheit für dich? "Ehrlich gesagt, kann ich das gar nicht so genau sagen. Auf jeden Fall werden Menschen, die ich mag,

Gooooood morning. Just some beginner poses for those starting out just like me ☺️ I’ll usually start my day doing 30-45 minutes of meditation

2018 myself and Natalia Kardasz at our yoga retreat in Malta showing appreciation for our efforts on our yoga retreat. The next one September 16th to

I don't have a personal trainer all I have is that voice telling me if I stop now I never start again 🙂Go work out

🚴🏼‍♀️Enjoying work.🚴🏼‍♀️Als fietskoerier kom je op de gekste plekjes met de mooiste doorkijkjes.☺️Ik ben naast mijn ZZP-

Some food for thought: I am having a rough few days. I had a cheat weekend and every time I do this I find it super hard to get back on track with

Ein Boudoirshooting kann nicht nur ein Geschenk an deinen (zukünftigen) Mann sein. Es kann auch ein Geschenk an dich sein! 😊Ein Geschenk, dass

Lernaufgaben zeigen sich immer wieder🤗.Manchmal erkennt man sie aber nicht, bzw weißt nicht, wie man sie ändern kann😤.Z.b. das Thema

[HEAVEN]Holy yum! @questnutrition protein chips from @lowcarbemporium, mince, cheese and sour cream 😍😍

Everyone deserves a relationship where they can be totally Honest, completely able to communicate what is on their mind, able to express their needs


Hoje acordei com sono, hoje acordei já cansada e ainda mal a semana começou, hoje é o dia que me custa mais da semana. Mas sabem que mais? Dei um

مايوجد أمامنا و مايوجد خلفنا يعتبر ضئيلا جدا مقارنة بما يوجد بداخلنا What is behind and in

Στις 9:30

My pride is stronger than my feelings. Don't try to play me. I could think of you 24/7 and you still wouldn't hear from me 😒 #mood #cloudy #gloomy

Consistency becomes easy when it’s a habit; even after active Basketball years, exercising is still a habit; so I ma just drop this gem here. I DON

Did you know that Brigid and I offer Discovery calls?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀What is a discovery call

My grandma is the sweetest of hearts. She only sees beauty when she looks at me. Even when I was troubled there is nothing that the aroma of her house

Don’t let your mind drive you. Learn to drive your mind.

Rep numbers are up! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀I'm planning to keep 20 reps until the end of the month. And next month I start making sets of 20 reps

27 THINGS I LEARNED BEFORE TURNING 271. Make memories with the people you love.2. Know your worth.3. Stop trying to please everyone.4. Fail

RENEGOTIATING BODY FUNCTIONALITY || As body positivity gains popularity, there’s a lot of talk of how to shift the narrative from placing the value

Are you feeling the need to make some changes, do different things, expand life in a new direction? I definitely am! We really are in a time of great

r a | #love • blessings all pon mi life an...

Super excited for this. Please do come along this Saturday 19:30 at @eastofeden17 for a cleansing experience to help with the seasonal transition. I

Hello, Operator? I'm looking for a fuck to give? 😘☎️.The D'Arenberg cube in beautiful Mclaren Vale certainly is an aquired taste. You will

Small pieces of what we shared on our #KROMAKlass last Sunday.. We've been asked how to overcome insecurity? The answer is we haven't overcome it.

I still struggle a bit with stubborn breakouts but it is not anywhere what it used to be. I am not an expert but I could have saved a lot of time and