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100% sums up the reason we moved to Vietnam! Feeling stuck in a rut of the 9-5, living to work and pay the bills and feeling like we were missing out

Breaking in the new shoes @merrellaustralia so I’m ready to take on all types of adventures! Started off small today with a 6km return trip along

🌸 Almost There: Tokyo Full Bloom 🌸.After what felt like endless consecutive days of cold bedrooms, warm knit jumpers, two pairs of socks,

All you see is blue and green. Would you rather be blind or free. You think you’ve found your comfort, but we just need more colors 🔮...I

Your perfect escape to Mauritius is just a call,dm or email away.. @flysaanigeria gave us the perfect escape to @luxbellemare. We have experienced

Being raised by a single mother with no car until I was a teenager, trains and bikes were very familiar to us. I remember riding on the train from the

The Sofia Earrings, reminiscent of a romantic yet unexpected night in Havana, Cuba. Glistening as brightly as the smile you flash once your eyes meet

Reminder: You’re exactly where you’re meant to be ✨

One of my favorite National Park experiences has been hiking around this beautiful island. Untouched beauty in nature. The boat out was a bit choppy

“The truth is that you will blossom in the moments you are most convinced you are failing and falling behind. The truth is that when you are jolted

“The truth is that becoming who we are is not a steady, linear ascent into happiness. We don’t grow in one direction only. When our lives go

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After a hectic week, i finally can breathe and post again 😅 im still in the process of revamping some old photos and touching up some new ones..

This is something that never made sense to me as a young teen girl. Why was I responsible for the thoughts of someone else. I liked what I wore, my

A serenely beautiful little throwback to our uncovered seaside deck 📸: @katelynnxnicole - “the best day in Barbados, hands down”. #roundhouse

Go hard or go home. Choose our bold, angular Kibwe frames for your next adventure

Migrating across the globe to and from your wintering grounds is no easy feat, so it’s only understandable that when birds arrive at Eilat’s

The garden at the top of Doi Inthanon Park was absolutely gorgeous. Every corner is designed and taken care of down to the millimeter.

(Swipe) Alien spaceships? The houses of a future civilization? Or monuments to the King and Queen of Thailand? Mmmmmh *insert holding coffee with foot

I love the rain and the rain loves me back

Wachirathan Waterfall, which usually has four times as much water, pouring from side to side but, again, it's dry season in Chiang Mai!

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - The last day I couln’t resist the piña coladas at our Whala Bayahibe resort. 🌴😋 Somehow they taste so good in the sun

Give me coffee for the things I can change & Tequila for those I can’t ☕️🍹.Happy Friday !! With me you never know, that mug may have my