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El rio no se detiene siempre busca con tenacidad seguir su curso, nos enseña con su determinación que es su misión encontrarse con el mar

第一次💙坐帆船出海☀️就係喺 #尼羅河⛵️‼️‼️極怕曬嘅我冇諗過咁舒服☺️🤤💕 。。 #egpty #travel

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🐢 TURTLE TUESDAY 🐢⁣⠀Green turtle hangin out with some snorkelers by Sota Yamaguchi @sota_photo_galleries

" Remember, young fella. Always listen to your heart and fight for the good of... Wait, who are you again? " 📷: @ultralitacosplay #mermaidman

Repito porque desgraciadamente que me gusten y en digital pocas tenemos, y eso es bueno,porque nos dedicamos a disfrutar de la vida...y lo más


And then I was asked to help increase the tourist flow to China, because they support the economy эконом. I thought for a long time and decided

Atardecer en Pisco, Ica; zona ubicada a 250 kilometros de la ciudad de Lima, se aprecian las Islas hacia el fondoSunset in Pisco, Ica; zone located

There has not been a single day in the last few weeks that I have not thought of going to my most favorite country on this planet. Recently , the mass

Non voltarti a guardare indietro, non è li che stai andando🔜

St. Simons'Island...Escape To Sea... The lens from which we see, often magnifies the perfections of that in which we intend to capture. Yet the truth