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Hashtag sculpture on Instagram

Uno de los artistas que más me llenan y me identifico. Van Gogh, pintor holandés, que pertence a la corriente pos-impresionistaTítulo: Vicent Van

This beautiful piece by Yeats Gruin is called 'Before the Nightfall' 🌌 Available for viewing in our Noosa gallery ⁣⁣To view more of Yeats's

El lujo está en los detalles, la luz, las texturas y el arte.Escultura de Fernando Botero, sofá y mesas de centro de @fendi_ksaDiseño de

Joel Hobbie in the gallery today installing new work for his upcoming exhibition “Interstitial,” opening next Friday, March 29, 5-7pm. These

Looking for inspiration by the water. What place inspires you most this week? This week I’m loving time by the river. #jacksonville #sculptureart

Been doing a lot of digital work but still at the easel also! Also loving my new audiovisual setup, look for some more multimedia things on the way!

Back attack day with my trainer. Relatively light volume, 20.3K, concentration on static holds. #workout #bodybuilding #sculpture.

Trump cancels new North Korea sanctionsUS President Donald Trump says he has ordered the withdrawal of recently imposed sanctions against North

Contemporary art and recreational sport will soon come together as one at Cadman Plaza Park in Downtown Brooklyn. Construction of “Subliminal

👀 look out for Lubna Chowdhary’s work at Art Basel HK next week...____This series of work is titled Tableaux and is focused on architectures

#PosturaElla posa y reposa como una #Diosa su siluetaYo sólo espero que pronto me deje tocar su siluetaDesnuda con su locura, lanza un suspiro y

Iron Studios Batman vs Joker Diorama! Very cool!

Scuola di Antonello Gagini (Giovanni Battista Mazzolo?):"Dossale dell'Epifania", prima metà del Cinquecento, marmo di Carrara. Nelle lunette

Water is life. Today is World Water Day. 780 million people still have no reliable access to safe drinking water. We have to correct that. Water is

Malleable State-Mirror Collections play on perceived value and reflects on how we value objects depending on their materiality and the context in

Est-ce des parapluies ou des parasols dont on a besoin lors d'une journée sans pluie et sans soleil paris ? #paris #art #umbrella #fashion

Artista Mario LopomoEscultura dobradura 160x100x23 Revestida em cinza laca

Le poilu noir de Fonds-Saint-Denis, oeuvre du sculpteur autodidacte martiniquais Louis Réminy. L'excursion Pile et Face allie l'histoire méconnue de

Bottom shot of Incense Burner No. 2

usa roadtrip february/march 2019overwhelming sculptures down in the big room. this was one of my favorite ones, the mirror lake #usa #newmexico

Detail of Sarah Goffman’s installation, Bridge to Asia, currently filling MAMA’s foyer. Create your own sculpture harnessing the amazing

> Le MétaHisme : Brisure De Symétrie (Archétype - Détail 1.2) - The MetaHism is an artistic movement that expresses and embodies the human mind