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This is how we hang out on a Friday night in the Bleasdale house. The boys wearing their spa robes while watching a video on the history of the Celts

This is incredible 🔥😮 Our new AS logos are being used in education projects in schools in Norfolk 😮 It’s great to see our followers are

Went to conferences last night and got to see all the fantastic baby bear beds the grade 1 kids made. Parents were to send in recyclables and odds &

The kid had to go to the library and take out a non-fiction book for a school project. This is the book he chose. At 5 he's way cooler than I ever was

Un'impresa che si mette al lavoro per raggiungere il suo obiettivo. ✔Condividete i nostri post, lasciate un like e commentate👇.(Link del sito

Ci sara' un posto vedraiPer tutte le tue paureVedrai che e' bello camminareSenza mai sapereSenza mai sapereDove ti portano i passi

Ariyanna’s awesome job on her state project for school! She had to pick New York, well because Renya lives there of course 💁🏻‍♀️

New year- new accomplishments💙🥇•••••••••••••••••••••• #presentation

Edit: Hey uh, I forgot to say Their names are Fiin (blonde boy) and Mason (green-haired boy)IM FREE I CAN NOW DRAW SKSKSKSKAKAKKAKAKAKA IM DO HAPPY I

Save water, drink beer 🍺 Or drink both in your new Festbottle!Happy world water day!💦💖 #drinkresponsibly

Two of our four chicks that hatched in school this week. The children named them sunshine and daffodil. The other two were called Patrick and Fluffy

We’ve had a reading project at school this week. We were paired up with aomeone from 3 grades above us to read together. My partner was also called

While sorting through some bags I came across some of my old school books... from 30 years ago 😁 bet you thought I was only 21 😂🤫😁

Crickets couple❤ Can you tell which one is the male and the female?😉 Pouvez vous nous dire lequel est le mâle et laquelle est la femelle?😁

>> For my school project 😂 <<-------------------------------------------------------Follow this amazing account! @minus.point (Otaku Champion)

Oversized keyhole: a concept This is an idea for my next art project for school. I might go with something else though. #sketch #schoolproject

{3/22/2019} /// Meet the ONE and ONLY “CoCo” CHANEL 🖤 / 3rd Grade History Day. || Slide ➡️for more 📸 •Terceira série- Dia de

Project 3 - We has to choose 6 words from a list given to us. Then, with only using 2 colors and the word itself, we had to describe that word. We

So proud of our Owen!! The entire 2nd grade performed their Living Museum today. It was SO cute! Each student had to research a famous person in

Many kids are losing their lives due to starvation. We must donate money, send help, and do what we can in order to help. 11 kids died in the last

Starting the weekend off with some notable greats! Kudos Kiddos! Your 3rd Grade Wax Museum project was very impressive! I learned so much! #son

colombia’s presentvsColombia’s past-This is not okay. The wold is changing and it isn’t for the best. In the picture u can see how

Come on down to truckadillas and get 30% off of your order for the next hour at tigers stadium #schoolproject #gpn

Spring is finally making an entrance and we're nearing the home stretch towards the end of the school year. BUT FIRST..the school projects. 😱.My

✨ pouvoir des filles ✨ { swipe to see our lil school vid project }

I love when the kids bring stuff like this home from school. Zharia my 7 yr old drew this picture of me and wrote a story about me. Makes my heart

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