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One last school project done! The 3rd graders always do an amazing project and assembly on the Rain Forest. We already made a sock puppet for his

This was a ton of fun! So blessed to be around such artistic people! And any day I get to play with make up is a great day! .... #beginnermua


We’re often asked why❓ we started #EcoDriveHK - the simple answer💡 is that we’re doing this for our future generations👶🏻. Nothing makes

designu infographic

"Good timber does not grow with ease, the stronger the wind the stronger the trees." -Thomas S. MonsonThis is a painting I did for my American Sign

So this might take some explaining. For a project in 3D art, we were told to use an egg somewhere and somehow into our projects. So one quick draft

Vista de uma Biblioteca de um projeto para um concurso de Construção de uma Escola no Milawi . Um projeto da @am2.arquitetura juntamente com Arqtos

📏 Zs School Project ✂️ - He was assigned to build a land transportation using items from around the home. He chose a bike and we then

Guess what my Individual Study 📖 Project is on? (Presenting tomorrow)Hint: It’s not about Lola. Guess! Guess! Wish me luck! #schoolproject


Yearbook cover design I drew for this year’s yearbook (also the last art I’ll ever contribute to my school)!! Our yearbook this year has a hard

Working on a school project with Ahnaleigh...they’re having an economy fair and all the kids have to come up with a business plan, prototype and

This is a map I made a while ago for a school project, but I finally removed it from the tape. I enjoyed makeing this piece a lot though, and it was

[FINALES CAT B Y C VOLEY]Este miércoles 22 jugamos por primera vez 2 finales seguidas en voley masculino.Nuestros chicos se vienen preparando hace

Here’s my second project I did in school! My Color Schemes art project! We have to pick different colors for each square from the color wheel which


Self confidence is absolutely the KEY to most of your happiness. 😊 Insecurity should never be apart of your daily routine. 😭Love Yourself

My creative component for English that I had to rush because I procrastinated.-+-Do Not Steal Or Copy My OCs Or Concepts-+---- #art #artist #paint

Tests for school project✨..Its cool to have an excuse to draw on your hands, specially since i would get yelled at for doing it as a kid

3rd grade dinosaur expo was awesome! He did such a great job and got the second highest amount of views on his presentation for the school today...and

A reworked logo from my beginning classes. Swipe to see the old one. It’s crazy looking back on past work and going, “what was I thinking

Cup of infinitea.Konzulens/Consultant: Zeman - Juhász ÉvaKészült: Média és Design Tanszék, Vizuális Művészeti Intézet, Eger Made at the

Konzulens/Consultant: Zeman - Juhász ÉvaKészült: Média és Design Tanszék, Vizuális Művészeti Intézet, Eger Made at the Media and Design


She's not an object.Konzulens/Consultant: Zeman - Juhász ÉvaKészült: Média és Design Tanszék, Vizuális Művészeti Intézet, Eger Made at

May 2019: Thank you, Denton ISD, for awarding “Goodperson” first place for PTA Art Reflections in film for high school. Thanks again to everyone

Un enfant vivant avec un handicap n’apprend pas comme tout le monde, mais comme tout le monde il apprend !⁣⁣La tablette est, pour beaucoup d

Konzulens/Consultant: Zeman - Juhász ÉvaKészült: Média és Design Tanszék, Vizuális Művészeti Intézet, Eger Made at the Media and Design

Who's counting down the school days? As the year comes to an end, it's time to reflect on the memories we've made. Create a Time Capsule to preserve

La classe de Mme Noemi, 5e année à l’Academie St-Clement, a entrepris un magnifique projet de couture. Tous les bénéfices sont versés à la

The very last project 📝of the school year, building a bridge made from 200 popsicle sticks ...........😣😬😉😳😜 ✌morrow tune in and


My school project that I’ve been working on instead of art for this account. It’s a book for a first grader. This is just the cover, hope it looks

Sala de aula do projeto "Escola Infantil".Sala interativa com uma horta ao fundo para maior contato entre a terra e as crianças! ❤.

Yazzy picked Amelia Earhart for her wax museum project and the costume turned out so good! I gotta say having the extra income for sweet moments like

DON'T LET A LACK OF WORK SPACE GET IN YOUR WAYDue to the security measures at our school (and the poor cleaners who had to face the state of my

THANK GOODNESS FOR SCHOOL HOLIDAYSI could never have anticipated the work that would be involved. All of our school holidays in 2013 were spent

We had Brunch for lunch today. But they ran out of the French toast sticks and the hash browns. The sausages were also different. The main focus


My little saleswoman, with her commercial for her jewelry store at school “Shimmer and shine will make you so divine” yes baby 👏🏻 #mygirl

I am really craving something savory right now-like maybe some stew or chili or something. It’s fairly cold out so maybe that’s why (or maybe I’

Was a real whirlwind recording over 115 girls from BY Baltimore's 5th grade these past two days!! Special shoutout to the incredibly talented voice

Here is the project that I made for my nephew. It’s a box for the Aural Effect System. Sent me a link of the video during the symposium