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Light Study (no pun intended). I broke a few rules on this one, a Linear workflow sometimes doesn’t cut it.

Для меня это самый лучший бой ☠️А вам какой бой нравится из 🌌 вселенной MARVEL


Pantomima teatrının qurucusu və bədii rəhbəri Bəxtiyar Xanı-zadənin Bakı Xoreoqrafiya Akademiyasında ustad dərslərindən.

Like no joke... Someone date me please. I'll be that cute, short, sarcastically funny / adorable, caring girlfriend 😂😂.... #emo #emogirl

Scene from our 2012 opera production of Purge (Puhdistus) by Jüri Reinvere. Soprano Johanna Rusanen-Kartano✨ @johannarusanen as the main character

My cat dropped a box of rice all over my floor and I dropped my phone in tomato soup. At least I get spring break now. XD PS: This is my bunny,

Joji- Will he🖤

Norsk Risoforening er invitert til å delta på bokmessen @missreadberlin som utstiller og som deltaker i foredragsprogrammet. Vi er bedt om å

During those days then I’m not here I’ve cut my hair much more. My dad is calling me punk and my mom sometimes says that I look like boy. But it

Should have gave you all my hoursWhen I had the chanceTake you to every party 'cause all you wanted to do was danceNow my baby's dancingBut she's

I’m nearly 10 weeks old already 😧... Time flies... 🐾

Why do I wait until 3am to upload selfies lol

𝔸𝕟𝕟𝕒 𝕂𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕒Take your broken heart, turn it into art

Schweiß von der Decke, ohrenbetäubendes Publikum und Pizza auf der Bühne. Was will man denn mehr? Nürnberg weiß wie man feiert 😘Photos by

all these monsters, n still gotta choose this one, i honestly got an monster problem xD

Nur für eine kurze Szene.📸/Just for a short scene.📸________________________________________________........ #scene #photoshoot

MUST WATCH! So suspenseful. Test scene/shot I filmed/directed at night (low light testing) with a buddy with the cinema cam. #🎥 #filmphotography

I am such in awe of how bad ass and funny , beautiful Sandra Bullock is ♥️so many of her movies are lovely ✨‼️ #misscongeniality2 #movie