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Reposted from @idmato - ضحاک (لاشخور)جوشکاری آهن و مس۳۲*۳۸*۳۰سانتیمتر.سال ۹۷Zahhak Iron and copper

On this 'Earth Day' with the theme 'Protect our species' would like share this pic of Indian Culture which comes under 'Critically endangered' species

Red clover blossoms🍀


ضحاک (لاشخور)جوشکاری آهن و مس۳۲*۳۸*۳۰سانتیمتر.سال ۹۷Zahhak Iron and copper welding32*38*30cm #zahhak

Wild camping, woodland foraging.Young and Delicious. Tangy wood sorrel on the left. And Peppery, Hairy Bittercress right

Wishing that I could have an actual BB8 😭 happy belated easter to everyone I hope it was a good one.

Collecting local stones and turning them into workable tools is an essential skill for most outdoorsmen, hunters, survivalists, primitive

'Harvesting the weeds' in my garden. Stinging nettle is a powerful healer and nutritious food. I'm making a hair rinse out of this for fuller, shinier

Bragnae’s warbot battle face? Bring me back to The Blessing! ...A captured moment in The Blessing by @mathisonstart.... #blessinglarp


Watch as I collect local Colorado Muddy Chert and turn if into workable stone points. The points are single flake removed with a small hammer stone

Do you know vultures are known as ‘ #NatureCleanUpCrew’, Vultures depend on other vultures to get around and to discover sustenance sources. They

Happy Hyena Monday! ♠️🔊🔝🎉🤪💭 What do you think of Hyenas?Follow👉🏻 @naturevirals👈🏻 for the most crazy anim al content

The iron dyed Huginn and Muninn patches have all sold out, one of the hazards of small batch production I guess😅Thank you all so much for


All of these things have never been used and I got them for free out of a dumpster where the people cleaning out a house got rid of them. Bread maker

Spring Studio Sale V is for VultureOriginal hand pulled print on reclaimed vintage dictionary page, matted to fit 11x14 frame $65 ..... #neck

Someone sawed up a felled old growth tree. Pretty sure this is bigtime illegal, but the wood burns so well the smoke smells like a BBQ. We debated

Went to go collect mushrooms with a couple of friends and Sang today! It's nice to listen to complete silence in the forest but also forage for those



There are 4 of these poplar-type trees that fell during the last big wind storm back home. I looked them over today and think parts of them can

I cba to do any real gardening on the first truly hot day of the year so far sooooo I did a crafty project I've been thinking of for ages and re-

Red bellied piranhas are very aggressive fish that live in the Amazon river. They mainly feed on small mammals but they occasionally scavenge on dead


I find vultures to be very intriguing animals. This white-headed vulture was perched on top of a branch, on the lookout for something dead to eat

38 Monday and I feel weird but oddly hopeful for this next year. This past year was hard. It was truly a "stuck" year. I was plateau'd on SO many

At first I thought this squirrel had a carrot. But it gradually got paler as it was eating it. Turned out, it was eating all the tandoori mix off a

One very successful stag later! Thank you to all of my friends for organizing a smashing weekend. #sammysstagrace

Sky above me , Earth below me , Fire within me !! #lit #bondingwithnature🌿 #scavenger


As I found it. ..Stumbled upon some variety of Cow Skull. 💀 Warning : mildly graphic photos of long dead things 💀 This was a Big bull and

|| E G G D A Y || happy Easter to all the parents out there realizing your kids really CAN find things when they want too. Amirite? 🥚Happy Easter

Bersyukurlah setiap hari...Untuk Nafas, Kesehatan, Makanan, Pekerjaan, Keluarga, Kerabat dan semua yang kita miliki sampai hari ini...Karena mungkin