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why is every single one of my captions (this one no different) talking about how shit my night is and how shit i feel about myself currently

Kill em’ with kindness... sorta.

Don’t let her youthful looks fool you. She’s quite adept in the fine art of the “PAYBACK”. Find our snarky mug at

Seriously? Mid 20 year old me laughs at this!!! You shame your elders. SHAME!!!! Now go make me a ceasar....what do you mean "what's a ceasar?, no it'

I like how I say imma post less...but i just go into full inactivity except for my story but🤷🏻‍♂️. I just need sumone to run this acc with

Kim Wrong-un 🤔

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Yesss watch T.v. it's sooo good for you😂😁💕 #sarcasm at it's best

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prayer for the help lessSaint Self-sufficiency,bless us in absolution,for the love that we have givenwas a sin on life's conditionthat godliness