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Patching up


[5.04]-Favorite moment from this episode?


[shoot x quote]-Favorite poi moment?

PERSON OF INTEREST O ex-agente da CIA Reese e o bilionário e gênio de software Finch se unem como vigilantes na luta contra o crime. Eles utilizam

[1.23]-Do you like Caroline Turing?


[ Shoot ]don’t repost maybe somedaywear 🎧ac bellamy.100.blake | cc me | song ?dt tagged ❤️

[5.13]-Is Shaw Bear’s favorite?

[shaw parallels]-Do you think Shaw should’ve been a Doctor?

°a poi edit but it’s not even a shoot edit be proudI casually spent more than a few hours on this looking for symbolism I could use and the


[5.10]-Favorite scene from this episode?

Carter con il secondo POI. (1x01)-Carter with the second POI.She was in guard because she should have met with “The Man in a Suit” for the


Les toutes premières minutes avec #balou et c'est que le début 🥰, swippez pour plus 😏Je sais pas vous mais j’adore cette scène 😂

[season 1 finale]-Guess who’s baaaackkkk😁

It's saturday. And this means that you can relax and enjoy the company of favorite tv characters 😍😍😍 #PersonOfInterestForever

Root, qu'en pensez vous ? Personnellement je la trouve folle mais je l'aime bien 🤣❤Je passe sur le compte de ceux qui commentent ❤

Bonjour Bonsoir, ceci est un compte fan de "person of interest" FRANÇAIS, il n'y en a malheureusement pas assez, donc je suis là pour changer les


I have so many little sketches in my books that I have. But never share. My good friends gave me a book for my birthday and reminded me to keep

Here's some #mermay themed Shoot which I actually drew a while back but I realized I hadn't posted it here yet 🦈

This could take all night...🔥😍Root and Shaw-probably the saddest love story ever,but beautiful at the same time. The way they cared for each


Well. Finch is also out. Who is next? Call the name of the character who WILL NOT CONTINUE the game. Making the choice becomes harder, isn't it guys

And so, Carter is also out of the game. Let's see who will leave the game next. What is the name of the character who SHOULD BE ELIMINATE OUT of the

Well, guys, Zoe also dropped out of the game. Who's next? Call the name of the character who NEEDS TO ELIMINATE OUT of the game. #PersonOfInterest

[5.13]-Hey everybody! I will be on vacation from today until next week so I won’t be able to post for a few days. But I promise when I’m home I