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Bonus photos of one of our favorites from Dickinson, Texas. Amanda and Walter’s pink and raspberry wedding was so romantic. Sprinkles of roses with


Doing some shopping for clients after work today, and it just AMAZES me how fast this place gets stocked with amazing goodies!! 🤗👩🏻‍🌾


My goal will be 10 everyday until I complete the 60 minis...I have 40 to go 💪🏼 I tried teaching my mom since I have moved in with them

✨Amazing Gift: 24K Everlasting Crystal Rose-Galaxy Edition. 🌹🔮 @embellish_here💎 •Base w/ Light & Luminous Crystal Rose $22 •Base w/ no

This is about as romantic as it gets if you're a commuter – two discarded red roses and a couple of plastic cups with the dregs of red wine in them

“Let’s take a picture in this tree” #seniorportraits ——Starting to take shoots again, if anyone is interested. Will be available in the


Preston Bailey, known as the GURU when it comes to flowers and floral sculptures, hates trends! Bibi's @zeb_mamsa interviews @prestonrbailey and

Even though I think anger can be a useful and productive emotion (when used appropriately) it's not something I want to carry within me everyday.

Wachis les quiero mostrar esta ilus que hice hace un tiempo y no se por que nunca la subi por que me super encanta, tanto que me la pinte en la

Sant Jordi no es festiu, però es una festa, la fira de l’amor i la diada nacional de la cultural catalana, amb flors i llibres.Unes 🌹per qui

おはようございます😃今日は雨模様☔️ 我が家の薔薇🌹1


Pretty in pink 💗 sometimes you just need a little bit of bubblegum pink in your life or room lol! This lovely lady would be perfect for a little

Been feelin so down in the dumps lately 😞 but I finally found some yellow roses! Yellow roses are my all time favorite flower. #photography

Many of us are still deciding on the perfect way to spoil Mom this Mother's Day. A flower that doesn't die makes a gift they won't forget....


"Mom a title just above Queen"❇️Get the special Mom in your life our #limitededition Mother's day CANDLES Scents include :🔆 Peachy Keen


Spring has sprung in Tucson... including scattered showers this week. Caught these blooms before the clouds rolled in today. #TucsonLife #SpringBlooms

My Louise Odier Heritage Roses from my garden, our Flower of the Day. They share the energy of compassion, forgiveness and are very good at healing

Happy birthday 🥳 atirasunshine, and man or women cannot live without LOVE. "Let THEM know, you love THEM"________________________________-


Dragon chinois 🔴 • Dm pour plus d’infos

Couronne de fleur • Dm pour plus d’infos


Dispo • Dm pour plus d’infos

Roses are red 🌹........... are ....... 🤔........... are ....... 🤨........... are ........ 🙄I know no poetry😅 Sorry 🙏 #feliz