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Carmen was such an affectionate woman & Shane actually didn’t care that she was , which was rare & great🤪🌈 ......... #thelword #tlw

Only 1 week until @UnitedWeFanDoc celebrates its UK premiere at the #BFIFlare: London #LGBTQ+ Film Festival!...3 screenings: Mar 27, 29 & 30!

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom + Shows/Characters.Track 1: The Prologue.☆ Person of Interest.☆Episodes included (in order): 5x13, 5x11, 5x02, 5x11,

Remember to swipe!Multifandom challenge: 5 Quotes.Quote #3: Shaw agrees to talk about her feelings for Root on the simulation.☆ Person of

you were my safe place|god did they deserve better. they're still my favorite couple and i don't think any ship will take their place because they

Hi, it's me again.I had hella lot of tests this week._Multifandom challenge: 5 VillainsVillain #3: Samaritan (Yes I know this is Gabriel but like

Root & Shaw | Survive- @theamyacker @sarahshahi-Show: Person of InterestSong: Survive by The Warning[ pitched audio ]

I remember watching this scene for the first time and laughing my arse off 😂🌈

*Hello darkness my old friend* 👀It literally just hit me ... the realization that Helena hasn’t been confirmed to return

DONT YOU FEEL SCARED?-I tried to not make it so dark but....-58 seconds

✌️Ladies of Interest✌️;-) 4AFScenes: Person of InterestMusic: Who You talkin' to Man? - Ciscandra Nostalghia Gem Shards - MUST DIE!

Helena Peabody is a GOD & a WOMAN 🔥😈 Helena edit by me Music by Ariana . Like • Follow • Love you 🤪 ....... #thelword #tlw

“Well then you better catch it” 😂 I loved Dana & Alice scenes ... whether they were friends or girlfriends ... just great tv

Keep calm and SHOOTScenes: Person of InterestMusic: Handclap by Fitz and The Tantrums #ShawRoot #RootxShaw #RootandShaw #SHOOT #RAW

My idea for this edit was a lot better in my head I'm so sorry this turned out so shitty._Multifandom challenge: 5 OTPsOTP #2: Shoot.☆ Pairing

finally got time to do a sharmen edit . only 19 secs but took me hours 🤣 enjooooy !! edit by • meshow • the l wordcouple • shane & carmen

When Bette made out or made love to Tina , she went all out like she showed her love for her woman in the bedroom

The L Word Ladies 🔥🏳️‍🌈 Song : cupcakke - lgbt Edit : me

[Practice] First Helena Peabody vid edit : by me Music • Nicki Minaj - rich s*xHope you like it . 😈🏳️‍🌈💦

You’re welcome 🤪 Have an awesome Sunday L Word Lovers 😈I was mad as f**k when that phone rang btw 💀 ...... #thelword #tlw

Bette: I’m gonna have a panic attack. I know I am.Tina: Bette, breathe. OK? Breathe. Deep breath.Bette: I don’t wanna breathe too deep. I’ll

It literally feels like a life time since Season 6 ended . What are you most excited to see in the reboot? Who do you want to see ? 🗣 .....

Carmen was the ultimate freak 🔥😈 Thank god she’s going to in the reboot... praise Jesus 💁‍♀️ @sarahshahi . **meant write like A freak

While I’m on the subject of much of a pineapple Jenny Schecter was ... I forgot I made this 💀💁‍♀️➡️ ....... #thelword #tlw

She was like a child trapped in a woman’s body . She was so irritating . But she had her moments 🤪 Who do you think Killed Jenny

I'm thanking these 2 adorable actresses for entertaining me through my weekend of sick. I realize I'm years late to the greatness. #personofinterest

Im sure I won’t be the only one to be running to the tv when it comes back ... I’m so excited! Can’t wait 🤪 ....... #thelword #tlw