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I nostri eroici Manutentori in trasferta a New York proseguono nella visita delle principali attrazioni della Grande Mela: il Flatiron (ferro da stiro

C’è un ponte sospeo per ariaIl cuore che arriva alla gola eSapore di bagel e nocciola la vita che passa da quiUn bruco attraversa la melaC

March Ladies Round Robin! I have to give it to these ladies they are determined and tough and so much fun! It’s always a pleasure having you guys!

Me, myself and I. Three shots, one frame! #RoosveltIslandCredit: @theforough

Today we were supposed to be skiing but the kids refused and there's only so much pushing you can do. So we went to check out local parks instead..

New York 🗽 is all about its streets. Out there you could find great people, you could find mad people, you could find yourself or you could lost

It is still cold 🥶 outside but the sun is getting warmer everyday day and so our hearts ♥️ are

London is considered to be the city of rain 🌧 what can we say about NYC then

Three things inspires me in life: coffee ☕️, photos and bridges 🌉 What inspires you? Tag @walking_nyc to be featured

Traveling 🧭 the world helps a person discover his or her personality better than 6 years in college

“Your home is where your heart is” ❤️Ours are in New York City 🗽 and yours

The winter 🥶 is still not leaving New York City 🌃 comment your favorite season

You have to wake up early to get your 💵 The City Of New York is the place of opportunities

What can be better than having a cup of coffee ☕️ in the morning and seeing the city out of your window

“Time 🕰 is money 💰 💵 “ - Unknown

El tranvía aéreo más moderno del mundo te lleva desde Manhattan hacia la Roosevelt Island, es una manera distinta de dar un paseo corto y observar

“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar 🤥 ” - Abraham Lincoln Tag someone you’d like to take here

“I don’t run 🏃 to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days.” -Ronald Rook

“No one can become stranger than the person you once loved 🖤 ” - Erich Maria Remarque

«Take me to the sky 🌌 ✈️, or just show me how to fly” - Unknown

“He was in love 🖤 with an another person. It wasn’t someone else. It was just a different side of her” - Streets Of New York City