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Rome with love!! I saw beautiful places in Rome but no doubt this is my favorite spot!! Castel Sant'Angelo!! Stunning in every single spot!! The

What else to do during a rainy weekend than researching next year's destination? I'm planning to go to Scotland next year. I miss road trip adventures

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Vatican. ⛪️ ..Roma, you are hot. You reminded me of the times I walked around in Chennai with the sun hitting on my face. But again, that’s


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All I wanna do is eat Pasta and Pizza everyday 🍕 🍝 🇮🇹 #ciaobella

(🇩🇪) (🇬🇧👇🏻) Gut gebucht ist halb gewonnen. 🤓Mein Hotel liegt einen Katzensprung vom Piazza del Popolo entfernt - in einer

I have sooo many photos of this bridge, it’s a little bit ridiculous 😅-photo # 132rome, italy 19:42august 1 2017shot on canon eos rebel t3i

Rome by night. 🌃🏛️⛲🌆 It’s been raining some in Stockholm again so it reminded me of the Trevi Fountain. I remember people still

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The Colosseum is an amphitheatre in the center of the city Rome, in Italy. It is also known as the Flavian Amphiteatre. It is the largest amphitheatre

In Rome, scooters are a part of the culture, as familiar as pizza and gelato. Many people use them in cities because the traffic is so congested.

Home sweet home 🌾 if you need me, I’ll be here catching up on everything I missed while we were in Italy. [ad] I’m thankful for that this

Le voyage avait pris un mauvais départ mais cela fait partie de la vie d’un explorateur. Je prends toujours le bon côté des choses, et ce qui est


Back inside the Colosseum. Part of the floor has been reconstructed to give a good idea of how it would have looked back in its heyday. #travel

Goddess POP QUIZ! Who can name this lovely lady? Here we have the revered goddess of the hunt, the woods, the moon and its cycles, childbirth and

So Rome in August is an infermo but its a little quieter because so many leave the city for #ferragosto (August Assumption Day holidays). However, it


Chi per mari e chi per Monti.San Pietro in Vincoli

Wandering around Via della Reginella

Hi! I'm Joëlle, a travel blogger from Antwerp, Belgium! Let me (re)introduce myself & my blog!🌍 My blog focuses on TRAVEL: places & experiences


Одна из главных причин, из-за которой я выбрала отель Leon's Place

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I really can’t put this trip into words. After visiting Rome alone a few yrs ago, it was even better sharing it with those I love. ❤️ Returning

Some pretty crazy views from Castel Sant Angelo in Rome, definitely worth the entry free with some cool rooms and awesome treasure collection inside

Er wordt gezegd dat Rome èèn groot openluchtmuseum is.. nou dat is ook zo 🤩. ••••• 📷 14’08’2019 #rome #italy #italie


Rome Lovers HIT LIKE❤.. Absolutely Mind Blowing View😍😍 How many of you Love Rome? Comment Below!!👇.Tag Your Friend with Whom You want to

I've seen pictures of the Coliseum in Rome and read some of the history of this - the largest amphitheater ever built BUT to be blessed to capture its

Those who want to discover the splendors of the Tuscan countryside will be delighted by the amazing cultural and natural treasures of the whole area

Roma 🇮🇹🍝♥️“Yes, I have finally arrived to this Capital of the World! I now see all the dreams of my youth coming to life… Only in