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let's get Wesley home for the holidays! 🎄🎄🎄.... #repost @wagmorpets Sweet Wesley needs a home 🏡 He’s a 4 year old terrier mix 🐶 And


My face every morning waiting for mum to feed me breakfast so I can go back to bed ...

stealing blankets. i love when mom leaves blankets on the floor for me to cuddle on. but let’s be real, i jump on the couch and use the blankets

Giving the human my best evil / sulky look, because in not allowed to go and run in the parks or field. Human says its a good focus on (very)

Get up mum 👅💕 Check out my pawtners @arnie_blue_terminator @thelifeofsonny @saintthestaffyofficial @jax_and_khan @lunathekelpado


Raise a paw if you love Christmas Jammies 🐾🎄❄️✨

〰 Um carioca curtindo a Mureta da Urca não quer guerra com ninguém

Max needs some healing vibes! He's going in for surgery to fix laryngeal paralysis. He was diagnosed today after a terrible scare of not breathing.

Voted 🗳 and had our first training session today with @leadwithlauren, Lola’s a real foodie like me 🙊! #rescuedog

I was just informed that this thing is staying with us for a month... send help #rescuedog #cat

We’re feeling festive and the UWT is back in its place! 🥳Thanks to Dr. Turner for all her hard work dealing with the flood, and handling all of


“Playing pony is so much fun”- said no dog ever ••••••••••••••••••• #rescuedog

Queremos agradecer a La Dirección de Tejido Social @sliptone en Colaboración con el Injuve por haber recibido nuestra solicitud de la creación de

FOSTER HOME NEEDEDCAN WE FIND AN ANGEL? 😇 Cauta has been struggling for a few weeks with an uncomfortable front leg. He’s been on pain relief

Dad loves hug time, I’m basically perfect size for a lap dog, he’s comfortable, I’m comfortable, standard Thursday night stuffs! #handbagdog

🆘🆘TIRANA NDIHME🆘🆘Ka humbur Gaja tek Lsi tek sheshi wilson kush ka informacion te na kontaktoje ne 0672041 662...... #rescueanimals


Hey les copains, je me lance dans les retouches d'images ! Oui je sais j'ai beaucoup tardé à m'y mettre...🙄🤫 Mais en tout cas voilà ma premi

Être libre en forêt, le meilleur sentiment! ✨

#tbt to mahm and me exploring a place called find-died.. Idk why they call it that, but it’s pretty cool there! ..... #adoptdontshop #rescuedog

Freddy och snöhögen.Så här satt han i flera minuter, på rumpan i en snöhög på Medborgarplatsen. Kollade på folk. Snosade i luften. Chillade

Reposted for @istandwithmypack This sweet babe is sitting at the Riverside shelter waiting for someone to take her home. She ended up at the shelter


Some Christmas photos of Noorie, formerly Oreo, who was adopted last month! ❤️🎄❤️ ​​"I have named her Noorie, which means 'the one

Vier Jahre wartet JESSIE ❤️schon. •Die nette JESSIE war vor Freude ganz aus dem Häuschen, als wir sie besuchten und forderte uns gleich zum

( ̄▽ ̄)ニヤリッ、、すこーーーーーしぃーずつゆっくりゆっくり慣れてきてる、、仕事から、帰宅したら、悪さしてるわ、、じーっとブルブル震えながら丸まってるより、めっちゃええ事やゎ悪さ出来るぐらい少し心の余裕が出来てきたな👍👍、、ちなみに、大助がやった模様‪w、、垂れ耳の桃の助は、まだ まだ、ビビってる、、この子達に変化があれば、Instagramで報告していきますね💕、、、、 🐶雑種犬チーム🐶、、、どの子も 里親募集中デス、、、、 #里親会のお知らせ #里親会 #里親募集#里親募集中 #東大阪市 #ドックカフェ #チワワ #柴犬 #ジャックラッセルテリア #sibainu #ヨークシャーテリア #dog #rescuedog #ミニチュアダックスフンド #ダックス #雑種犬 #愛媛県今治市 #愛媛県今治市多頭崩壊 #雑種チーム #happypaw #よろしくおねがいします #日曜日 #rescuedog #山口県周南市 #周南犬 #周南犬がんばれ #シベリアンハスキー

Always down for fetch ⛹

When you sell on eBay you can select Beagle Freedom Project as your charity! Thank you for your support!

Just a reminder that you’re all queens! Don’t let anyone treat you like you’re not! .Blanket by @mypetcanva


Oh hey furriends! Just a friendly reminder to see ya’ll this weekend @whitelabelcbd Holiday PUP-Up! 🐶 @getbuzzn is hosting a Puppy Adoption

This is what it looks like when mom forgets to thaw the muscle meat 🍖 extra egg for breakfast 🍳 but no worries, we will fix the balance with

Introducing the newest member of the Valiulis-Chisholm household: Sasha! Our 3-year old husky doggo! Home sick with a nasty cough. Bonus: I get some

Me Iggy has da biggest mlemmer of all time 👅 Linda says da my tongue needs a doggo name of its own 🤔 Do you tink my mlemmer needs a name??

Dedicated to our beautiful angel, Rani. As I started the heart failure service, our sweet loving pup passed away due to heart failure. I hadn’t had