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Sage & Dash with their Beef Necks & Mixed Vegetables 🌽 🐕 🥩 🐶 🍖 🥕

Lub when dad comes home (especially with food)Got so esscited that I jumped up onto the bar. Whatever.. #athleticism amiright?-----

There's still time to get your tickets to Paws on the Pitch this Saturday with @lvlightsfc! Bring the whole family to a fun night benefiting our

☀️ ☀️ ☀️

Lots of vitamin D on our walk today 🌼 It was beautiful— Deer, turtles, waterfall and sunshine ☀️ ...... #dogmom #getoutside #exercise

Бодрая старушка Альфа! 🐶👑Альфе 10


kîng of the jungle

Woof Wednesday!Meet Spur, he is a 1 year old male Heeler X. He is a smart, energetic dog and would be a wonderful addition to any home! If you are

We chased the sunrise all the way to the beach this morning. We weren't disappointed. 12/10 would recommend.•••••• #dogsofinstagram

20/5 除左啲毛真係好油(係油到摸完隻手有層老泥個隻)其他都俾美容姐姐話good👍🏻👏🏻 #無花無假起碼肥左1kg


Hi guys- Wrigs here🐾👋So we’re off to chemo #3 and I know I’m gonna crush it!✊💪🐾we’ve been working hard on my liver values so now

Just smelling all the smells🥰

This week, I learned to down-stay with my pal Rooney. I'm keeping my paw on her so I know she's not going anywhere without me!•••••

Mom got me a new gentle leader. I'm not sure if I like this... its definitely less harsh than the haltie. We are going on an on duty test run at the

This is MY mom. Just so you all know.

How do you fuel your adventures? ⛰ picking the right protein for your pet plays a huge role! For Kinley I try to stick to meats that are leaner, & I


Meet my little Fonzie, a beautiful Breton Spaniel I found literally at my gate when he was 50 days old. He has been my shadow ever since. He’s not a

Sometimes in life you just gotta stop and lick the flowers.

Pretty doggos with the pretty cherry blossoms 🌸-Want to get featured like them? Tap link in bio to join “The FLUFY_DOGSS"here and post


So, I love my fur littles. Pickles (affectionately named by #grandkids) is pure delight and came to us as a #rescuedog 3 years ago. She’s has 2

Perks of Edgewater training- sometimes there’s a dog 🐕 Message me for sweats and pets!

Remember that old dog Maggie we got awhile back? Turns out she’s not that old. She’s full of energy and loves her forever home. Her bark is loud

Mmm... heckin relaxed.... WAIT WHAT WAS THAT

Truly never seen two more awkward dogs try to play together before. 🤦🏻‍♀️ After 3 weeks of fostering Sage and several slow intros with


Hump day, am I right? Peyton ruffing it out on this tiring Wednesday 🐪

Gelin çocuklar size bir masal anlatiyim..-Çoook çoook uzun yıllar önce, bilinen tek köpek cinsleri “Lessie” ve st Bernard iken; apartmanda

I’ll tell you all about it, but first, what better way to celebrate than helping save the lives of super-senior and special needs pups at

i got flowers in my hair, my hooman always embarrasses me, at least i'm pwetty now 🐶🌼

ooooh that's a handsome boy!!! 💙

yawns 😴 ❤

i'm happiest when my hooman gives me rub-a-dubs. i wishes u a goof mornin, emjoy ur day, i sure am 😻 let's be friens, i love friens

hii, my name's Kimba, happiest doggy on a 🌏. i'm new to the fam of instagram. i love walks, food, sweet talking and did i say food?!, i very much