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The chaos of a teacher desk is crazy! I wish there was a way to keep it organized but of course, report cards will be done soon when i get back to

Proud mom moment! For those keeping up with the challenges we’ve been facing with Ty over past few years, today was a day of celebration. After

Man oh man I sure have some smart kids. I'm super proud of them. The level of hard work, determination and commitment they put into their school work

Did you know we offer a good grade discount. Up to 1oz off per A (max 3oz) on our 16oz cups! Just bring your report card to present... #cookeville

Report card time...2 contests this month and next. Sending out our jalapeno cream ale and black ale. Let's see how we are doing...what do you think?

Make good grades, pick your prize!!!👊💸 This thing poops slime in the toilet though!! 😒😣😁 #poopsieslimesurprise

The school report cards are out!A huge well done to Corey, and all of her school friends, for the hard work they put in at school all year round.

We are giving out VIP tickets. All you need to do is answer this question: When & Where did the unveiling/sashing of Face of Gbaramatu International

Make your child's next report card one of their best! Call Sylvan today to book a Diagnostic Comprehensive Assessment. This assessment tests your

We spent the afternoon at school! Here is Chayle during his student led conference, showing me all his hard work. Teacher says my Chaylie is an

Working late tonight. Sometimes even the teacher needs fidget/sensory toys in order to stay on task. Oh and coffee... that helps too! 🤗 #workhard

My little goldfish got his very first progress report from swim class!It's such an incredible feeling watching him progress each week and he's

Studies have shown that proficient 📚readers are more likely to be successful in school and life, partly because better reading skills make it

****on IGTV*****..A report card mentioning government effort in boosting the economy was presented by PM @narendramodi.This and more on today’

So PROUD of my son Jayden and his hard work... 6 A’s, 2 B’s! @jaydenmania You did a great job Jayden! Keep up the good work! I love you!

I'm a proud daughter is doing very well in school. Build your children up, they only know what you teach them. #reportcard #kindergarten

#ReportCard⠀⠀Thank you for listening to @xen.jj on #Spotify

Landon brought home a stellar report card! So, we celebrated at a new to us local place. If you haven’t checked out @_milkfloat yet, do it.

Congrats Nolan, you have really been working hard in school and got straight A’s again for the 3rd quarter in a row! I’m so proud of him. Like

@quinten4233 I don't believe grades make the man..that said your effort, passion, and love for everything you do is inspiring. I'm very proud of you.

So my daughter was super excited to show me her report card today. I was like let me see it, now in my mind I’m thinking A (super smart) B (smart) C

Report Card:My young friend you are a master of imagination. Second to none at lego’s. Your skills on the trampoline could take you to the

Report Cards are in... So proud of this kid and all his hard work!👏🏼🚀🌟..Bound for College. Prepared for Life. .. #tramoments

At @scholarsed_maple, our high school tutoring program focuses on the following subject areas:Grade 9 Math TutoringGrade 10 Math TutoringGrade

We beat the crowd and got free Rita’s today!

Local climate activists participated in the global launch of the Fossil Fuel Finance Report Card on March 20, 2019. In New York city, Kim Fraczek,


What examples are you showing your children? You can’t be mad at them if they bring home C’s, D’s, and F’s. Because your credit report is the

What examples are you showing your children? You can’t be mad at them if they bring home C’s, D’s, and F’s. Because your credit report is the

Prompt 24: Student record. I think it will be like this, complete with embarrassing first-year hairdo 💁🏻‍♀️. Below is the signatures, *