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Salam 18 Ramadhan.. pagi2 excited #AfinaBaik hari ni.. hari mengambil kad laporan murid....komen cikgu kata afina bagus.👍👍..independent.cuma

Well today my child got her report card... and man was it good!!! 😀 I'm definitely one proud parent 😀 I told her if she gets good grades I'll

📈📈📈 The only way is 🆙 progress is the only process..Proud of my son efforts to get them alphabets looking a lot better..changed Fs to Ds


Feeling kind of cute. I might probe your teeth this visit 🤷🏽‍♀️ ••It never fails to have at least one patient a week say, “Oh gosh


꼼꼼한관리♡ @limsooooook항상 고마운 내 파트터 sook

Schools have gone through massive changes over the last decade with well-built infrastructure and technology that facilitate best in class education

A year ago my professor told me that I wasn’t meeting the expectations of a graduate level student.. he was right . I think I exceeded them.. after

This! 🙌 I will definitely be using this as a reminder as test time and report dead lines approach! ........ #report #reportcard #test

Blackboard Edutech Keeping up with teacher and parent is faster and easier than ever. A parent can see their all children activity in single-parent

Blackboard Edutech ERP the Advanced School/College/University Management ERP software ApplicationWe don’t serve we build experiences. The top

My 1st Grade Report Card 😊 38 yrs later and I guess some things never change :-) I like how she used the word "Although" #reportcard


My little nugget went to her first day of daycare yesterday. She will be going once a week to help socialize her and burn off energy. It will also

Happy with the stats on our latest report card. Also, happy to be the #2 Harcourts Agents Nationally.

Good grades = Free packs of cards from @Topps #ToppsOfTheClass !!! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 Kids... did you bring in your report cards to your local

Introducing the 70-day Summer Redemption Program! ☀️.Every summer it’s the same thing, you try hard all fall, winter and spring to get healthy

Perfect ingredients to making my reports positive and constructive! Do you have a reward system for yourself during report writing time?

In the zone ready to write reports with a stash of chocolate 🍫 and One School isn’t playing the game 😩 Netflix it is then 😉 #qldteachers


Here's the perfect gift for Ur parents.🎁🎁...give Ur parents the appropriate marks they deserve in each subject...the design and content can be

Assalamualaikum, parents.....Don’t forget to come to Al Atfal Islamic Learning Center @alatfalislamiccenter on Tuesday, 21 Mei 2019 for Parent-

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* Boletín de notas para el Instituto de inglés St. Michaels! Impresiones en blanco y negro. -"It's always tea time".... #reportcard #card

The first weekend of Summer Break is fast approaching and we're hosting a game day! 🎮Did you achieve good grades in the 4th Quarter? 💯 Then

“Learn ⬆️ Then we Turn ⬆️” 🎶🎶 .. beat x @217atl ( video shoot) these students came with it today .. seeing them excited and

Mission 7th grade accomplished! CJ earned straight A's for the final grading period - and the entire year 💙🌟📚 #ReportCard #ProudMom

Mike Scott Report Card Grade: C-💪💪 Mike Scott is an interesting fellow. Picked up around the trade deadline in the package that gave Philly Tobi


Loving how confident pooch is getting at day care! Its worth every penny for her to be so happy!

Well here’s what had happened.... dude back there is crying for no reason. Someone probably stepped in his shadow and it scared him. Then me and

✨ What a report card!!!✨When we first met this little guy and his momma, she was concerned about his sleeping troubles, aggression, keeping hands

Fruits of Hardwork and Determination. Congrats again ate Maggie for doing great in school. #reportcard

Assalamualaikum, parents.....Don’t forget to come to Al Atfal Islamic Learning Center @alatfalislamiccenter on Tuesday, 21 May 2019 and Saturday


Aag ka dariya hai, tair ke jaana haiFollow @tera._._.bhai for more such funny memes and posts @tera._._.bhai @tera._._.bhai #meme #memes #memedaily

Chief has been away getting trained but the highlight of the kids day is getting his “report card” from @wagsandwigglesoc he has a little over a

PJ did really well during her stay at daycare! The staff absolutely adored her and were sad to see her go 😂Thank you, @theanimalkeepersd for

She is really so talented... Talented girl with kind heart lots of love to you afia Didu.. Keep it up ..our artist kalakar... N my guru..i love you

Time to recognize those good grades. 👏👏👏 School years are wrapping up and report cards are coming in hot. 🔥 Make sure your students know


As Kanye says “it’s the good life.” Can’t wait to go back!! Thanks for letting us run a muck the last two weekends, @petparadiselc

Boban Marjanovic Report Card Grade: C+ 💪💪 Boban was acquired in the Shamet trade and came with Mike Scott and Tobias Harris. The 7”3 Serbian

Guess what I found - my primary #school #reportcard. Turns out I had a ‘flair for #writing’ back when I was a 10-year old too. My #principal also

James Ennis Report Card Grade: B💪: Ennis was acquired by the Sixers late in the season and made an impact on the defensive and offensive end

Sweet Potato Fries • Houlihan’s Restaurant ..FINAL REPORT CARD:Cut: B+Texture: B+Taste: B+Style: A-..Do I prefer my sweet potato fries

Workout✅ Coffee✅ Now report cards with ESGI! Do you use @esgisoftware ? Well if you don’t check it out! Use promo code Kinderbykim (Link in

Last day of school 🏫 Shenanigans 🍎 Wow! Junior Pre-school was so much fun for us and Kj. He learned a lot and his report card was AMAZING! We're