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I'm such a shame to all cylinders lol. Never the less. I tried at least. All you amazing masters of shaving epic cylinders! Kudos to you all

🥂🌧🌙🌸🌻—— heyy it’s lily, and i’m so excited to start posting on this account with leia and ellie! my inspirations are

Lazy days are the best when you get to relax on the bed and enjoy the island breeze, the sounds of waves crashing, and birds chirping. --

Eu juro que tava com medo de estragar a natureza ao deitar nessa árvore no meio do mar, mas deu tudo certo, ela é forte e a natureza é demais

Coffee and sunshine. The best combo

Alkoholischer Arbeitsplatz In Hannover sitzt @jonasdengler wie andere Studierenden auch bis zur tiefen Nacht auf ihren mit Alkohol geschmückten

My new Massage Toy! MUAH HA HA HAAAA!!! Who's my first victim ?? 🤔🤔 hubby get over here!! 🤣🤗 only done with love. 😍💝 #massagetoy

I was starting to have my new setup but again it's just too loud outside to record in day. And that is disappointing. Here you go! Enjoy!2nd account

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Do you love staring into the dark sky? How about snorkeling in the ocean? These bathbombs reminded me of both. Starfish and Once in a blue moon by

En tu próxima visita a Cartagena, consiéntete y relájate en Ocean Spa. Reservas: T: +57 (5) 656 9071 ext. 249 - E: oceanspa

Up Glúteos, o tratamento desenvolvido no Brasil e que chegou a Portugal!!!! Espaço Beleza Spa em Odivelas contacto 211 300

Have you tried jade rolling? 🙋🏽‍♀️ I was skeptic at first, but after trying it out I now see why people love it! It’s not only soothing

Good news ladies !! The Raya promo is back and better than ever before. Don't miss out on this SUPER VALUE SAVER for Relaxing/rebonding now at only

@gracieee.kateee 🌞

Did a lot of house work today, detailed the car, finished all of the laundry, and cleaned my biggest baby. Figured it was a must too enjoy a bowl

Eating good and unwinding with the boys @amo_8383 and Nick! Taking the time to relax during a crazy week of studing with some fun in the lounge makes

Intro to Floating | it is recommened that you try three floats so we've got a awesome special just for you! For a limited time, x2 45minute Floats

Just a couple of hairy boys chillin...

Today I legitimately thought it was Thursday – it has been that kind of week. Between allergies, the tail end of Andy’s ear infection, and lack of

ASMR Bakery 🌸

From now on...This is my new spot. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (Sheldon syndrome