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scorpio, milk is GOOD and VALID those who don’t like it are just angry because they’re bones are brittle🗿 and i’m 5’0

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This is what needs to go viral. |

I made a YouTube video that was sooooo #relatable but y’all never gonna find it 🤪

I love cats look at the picture of when my kittens were younger :( I miss my bbys ••••••You should follow @btasses for more

The predatory side of myself (the masculine side) chooses to ignore what women are telling me because it will be beneficial to me. I mostly just don't

Wholesome hours my dudes ❤️💕👏

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It’s Motivational Monday! I will be sharing my favorite quotes that keep going me going qMonday up until the 67th NSNA Annual Convention! Please

Don’t u just hate when people say they have a terrible life, when they don’t know about half the shit that happens in others?🙄 #relatable?

You’re mom is anti-vaccine???? Haha that’s easy just don’t get sick ••••••You should follow @btasses for more 🤪🤘•

Best I could do tonight

Like if this is true 🤔🤔🤔🚫🧢💯