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Well 2.5 years on these dogs. Longest lasting boot I've ever had. Redwings Irish setters, had to glue the toe up few months back. Ready to brake out

.....Living on a construction site makes these my "Construction Rangers" I guess.Happy #rww folks 🥾👷‍♂️..... @redwingheritageIron


Stepping into the rest of the week like a boss. Well not really. More like an employee whose jobs is to apologize for others mistakes. At least my

@snugalishlous said I couldn’t ride my bike until I got my chores done. I think we all know what’s about to happen. ..........


T-3 Days until @greatracerally Starts in Riverside, CA on Mission Inn Ave. The Start ceremony is at 10:30am and the first car out of 120 departs at

No better way to rock it on #rww than with the 9014s. These were my second pair of @redwingheritage boots that I bought in NYC in 2014. They have been

..they say it's the last 10% right!?..that take the longest?'s true..Well, finally, it's done...WOOHOO!ah ahh not's not over yet

..ah's been a minute since my last post - sorry bout that🙄...But this project has been so close to the finish line that I figured I'd


Here is one of the plates from yesterday’s photo shoot with @conradfilm 😵 if you didn’t know us, you’d think this was an antique! If you are

A special happy birthday to my brother, @elmarcosanzo! Love ya pal. Looking forward to rockin’ with Ogallala, NE tomorrow night at 6pm!

[[READYSTOCK ]]Alden X Jcrew Shell cordovan made USA original authentic with box•Kondisi newSize US 9 D colour 8Detail geser kekiri ➡Credit

Happy #redwingwednesday folks! Almost to the weekend! I'm loving these simple top-down shots btw. That and a detail-shot to kick it up.. BAMM!! How do


{WEDNESDAY} That day of the week again! #redwingwednesdayHope your all having a good week so far!... @redwingheritage @redwinglondon

Restore, don’t replace⁣⁣⁣⁣Our product preserves leather to help prolong the lifetime of your boots and leather goods⁣⁣⁣⁣Don’t

Hi⁣⁣Happy #redwingwednesday my friends. I hope you all have had a wonderful week so far and that it just gets better.⁣⁣I am going to try

.•I had a great time last weekend with Red Wing staff with free coffee and lots of questions and valuable answers•.... @redwingshoes 3343


Bismillah 🙏Red Wing 2976Size : 37 ( 23cm )Harga : 300kKondisi : 90% Contact : Wa : 082152237979_🔎 untuk cari barang ready klik 👉

The view from our apartment — last pic if you swipe—had a touch of fog yesterday. That enticed me to head to the river, which is only a ten-minute

- advertising | brand tagging -.• summer morning •... and on my way to my last work day (for this week) 🚲I had to do this different POV

Tuesday kit. 🧥👖


🇮🇩Dr Martensㅤㅤ 👉🏻 size 7 (25,5cm)ㅤㅤ 👉🏻 used condition ㅤㅤ 👉🏻 detil geser ajaㅤㅤ 👉🏻 💰💰💰 ask

Salut Sharif! We recently got to know this cool guy Mr. Boots.Hustle ( @rugged.outfits) from Paris. He payed us a visit in Berlin for a nice chat and

Moc Toe with Wanderlust! #redwingbhm  #moctoe  #3375  #redwing  #redwingshoes  #redwingboots  #redwingheritage  #myredwings 

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I don’t wear these @redwingheritage 8119 Oxblood Mesa Iron Rangers as much as I used to. My go-to boot is now the 8111, but it’s good to get them