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#Repost @thatskylinegirl• • • • • •You break her heart, I'll break your neck. 💯..Two powerful little redheads 😉 you know what


"She wore her scars as her best attire. A stunning dress made of hellfire.." Daniel Saint 🥀🖤Photo: @scharfes.objektiv.fotografie

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She's so like her mama..I caught her just standing, watching the waves... Fuelled by the eb and flow..there really isn't a place like it. #soulfood


"Quand'è che mi porti con te? Voglio vedere quello che vedi."🌊..... #imarinaitornanotardi #murubutu #poetry #inkedmermaid #inkedchef

2004 vs 2019 I use to tell big size girls to just be confident and then I told my self to just go out there and do the thing even when I did not like

My 2 guys that I know will never let me down.I wouldn’t ever picture EDC without you guys.My brother and cousin that I love more than I can ever

Tbh just praying my hair doesn’t panic in the ATL humidity ⛈

Great hair can be liberating. That's why you need custom hair care - products made for you that work for you. #pureandmine..........

One day I will draw the tomorrow.In our future map swaying in the moon.🖤.Craving the wish that I cannot lose.🐰.If my tear wraps around


Redhead elf strikes back! 😂 I have to say that I really like myself in this hair color 😅Model, makeup @daedra_modelPendant @meleth_creation

Dos ojos están,Están tan cerca.Basta solamenteCon saber mirar.Te voy a enseñarCómo caminar.Te daré la manoY me acompañarás. 🎶✨..

@daedra_modelRedhead elf strikes back! 😂 I have to say that I really like myself in this hair color 😅Model, makeup @daedra_modelPendant


I thought I‘d do a before and after painting, because I felt that I made some progress in the past year. She looks a lot older and more intense now

baby girrrrrrrl

Amando esse tempinho...🍃

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Hey everyone! Welcome to my travel page!! My name is Ashley and I am the maker of all things @fallbutonce so if you like art head that way and if you

Desculpa sumir as vezes, mas é preciso!Só passei pra desejar um ótimo final de semana a todos e desejar um Feliz dia da Toalha!! Bem otaku hoje

Doing some light shopping before casting a new curse